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  Dragon Zakura

Alternative Title(s)     Dragon Zakura

Genre(s)     School Life, Comedy, Drama
Episode(s)     11
Type     Jdrama Series
Date Released     July 8 , 2005
Date Finished     August 6 , 2005
Overall Views     4205
Rating     7.55/10.00 (22) 


Sakuragi Kenji is a destitute lawyer and one-time member of a motorcyle gang trying to guide failing high school students with an average score of 36 into Japan's most prestigious educational institution, Tokyo University (Toudai).
'If you want to change your life, get into Toudai!'
For no other reason than Sakuragi's personal ambition, he has advertised his intention to produce 5 successful Toudai applicants from the students of a nearly bankrupt failure of a school.
'If you want to change your life, get into Toudai!' He will get them from this lowest of all schools into Japan's number one!!
Our protagonist, Sakuragi Kenji, played by Abe Hiroshi in his first role as a high school teacher, is a must see in this summer's new show. This third rate lawyer soon becomes the homeroom teacher for the special advanced class aiming for Toudai University entrance. Hasegawa Kyouko costars as english teacher and Sakuragi's opponent, and Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS and Nagasawa Masami also appear in the role of students. This awaited original work and fascinating world view is brought to you from the popular serialized comic in Shuukan Morning (Kodansha) and has even been updated!
In addition to revealing essential test taking techniques for everyone who wants to know how to get into Toudai, Dragon Zakura will also teach the essentials of living one's life.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 955
2 Episode 2 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 417
3 Episode 3 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 375
4 Episode 4 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 338
5 Episode 5 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 338
6 Episode 6 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 298
7 Episode 7 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 297
8 Episode 8 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 274
9 Episode 9 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 302
10 Episode 10 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 305
11 Episode 11 2011-08-26 Shapeshift 284

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  • #9 - PenggMC
    oh wow...it's been a while, when one needs some motivation and ideas on one's studies one watches this series. don't get discouraged by the ratings though. Well its sad to admit but a reality grammar is not much important nowadays...
  • Why are the ratings so low??? I stopped watching at episode 3...
  • #7 - PenggMC
    rewatching.... when they're talking about this entrance examination it almost feels like a licensure exam.. say whaaat if that's their high school maths they're taking then what does their college maths look like 0_o
  • #6 - TinyMe
    hmm., i'll watch this because of yamapi, yui and masami.. :D
  • Show Spoiler
  • Isn't it KINDA like God of study??
  • eh, YAMAPI?! :O
  • looks promising.. but the rating discouraged me.. lol.. maybe i'll try to revisit this sometime