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  Beck (Jmovie)

Alternative Title(s)     Beck (Jmovie)
Beck Live-Action

Genre(s)     Music, Band
Type     Jdrama Movie
Date Released     September 4 , 2010
Date Finished     September 4 , 2010
Overall Views     4305
Rating     8.52/10.00 (58) 


Maho Minami (Shiori Kutsuna) returns to Japan after studying in New York. Her half brother Ryusuke Minami (Hiro Mizushima) is an ultra talented guitarist. Maho & Ryosuke then meet Koyuki (Takeru Sato ), a fellow young teen whom Maho takes interest in. Soon enough, Ryosuke and Koyuki form a 5 piece rock band named 'Beck,' while Maho and Koyuki become involved in a romantic relationship.
The band starts to play live shows and grow an enthusiastic following. The release of their debut CD helps to further the band's popularity. People start to notice Koyuki. The band then endures a producer's planned conspiracy and other hardships. Beck then receives an offer to play at a rock festival, but with the unusual stipulation that the band may have to dissolve ...

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Movie Part 1 2011-03-02 CloverLeaf 2585
2 Movie Part 2 2011-03-02 CloverLeaf 1720

Comment Box

  • #35 - powpowie
    wtf damn its like kuyuki's always get muted when he sing.. is this still ran's doing? LOL
  • #34 - GeekyOtaku
    Great Live Action :)
  • #33 - nico robin
    many awesome and favorite actors as singers plus awesome music .. i'm DYING XD
  • #32 - kasuouh
  • #31 - freeter182
    yo. this is a great film so you better watch it. i soo fell in love that ive been reading the manga over and over again.
  • #29 - boozh
    it sucks that we can't hear koyuki's heavenly voice...but the movie is pretty nice
  • #28 - moronsnail
    wth why cant i hear kuyukis voice when he sings??
  • #27 - moronsnail
    noooo why not moon over water?
  • #26 - Daichijiro
    this is EPIC!!!! its like some.... i'm speechless~ its awesome!