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  How To Date An Otaku Girl

Alternative Title(s)     How To Date An Otaku Girl
Fujoshi Kanojo

Genre(s)     Comedy , Romance , Drama
Type     Jdrama Movie
Date Released     March 1 , 2010
Date Finished     March 1 , 2010
Overall Views     2968
Rating     8.8/10.00 (55) 


College student Mutou Ookawa catches a glimpse of Ametani Yuiko, his co-worker from a former part-time job and falls immediately in love. Summoning up his courage, he eventually confesses his feelings to her and she responds “…but I’m a fujoshi.” Mutou not having the slight clue what “fujoshi” means, immediately responds “That’s OK!”

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2010-12-24 Kobowo 2968

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  • #9 - irishchi
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  • Q.Q Oh my Gahd, I shed manly tears at the part near the ending. T.T Awhile ago, I was laughing my head off now I'm crying like hell. QwQ This movie is so nicely done. TwT 10/10.
  • a great movie~ I wish to have that kind of man even though I'm an otaku :)))
  • #6 - zheren22
    KYAAAAAAAAAAHHH! the hell !! jun jun and hinochi are in these movie !!
  • #5 - sayarose
    love this movie =)
  • #4 - artumas
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  • #3 - Kobowo
    I love the ending~ so cute >w<
  • #2 - chidori06
    this is a good movie...nice story=)
  • i love her! i want to marry her!