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  Kaibutsu Oujo OVA

Alternative Title(s)     Kaibutsu Oujo OVA
Princess Resurrection (OVA)
Kaibutsu Oujo OVA
Genre(s)     Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Maids, Shounen, Comedy, Romance
Episode(s)     3
Type     OVA
Date Released     December 9 , 2010
Date Finished     October 7 , 2011
Overall Views     2120
Rating     9.15/10.00 (47) 


A Remake of the TV Series. This OVA epilogue basically acts as a fast recapitulation of the first episodes from the series. The main plot involves a horde of zombies attacking Hime's Mansion in order to feast on her blood and acquire true immortality, which by now may sound old (depending if you saw the series or not) but the hook here is that this revision is far more obscure, gory and sexualized than the series

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2010-12-12 BloodyAngel 957
2 Episode 2 2011-03-12 BloodyAngel 534
3 Episode 3 2011-11-11 BloodyAngel 629

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  • More! More! More! GBU.. <^ ^>
  • Checking wats wrong on the video
  • #18 - SubaSk8s
    yeah same here i cant watch it either. please fix it:)
  • #17 - Rumic
    Is it me or I can't watch this episode. Video not found it said
  • #16 - MCoftheD
    Really enma? I think its got a simple and clean feel to it.
  • #15 - mlcdl
    Remake? More like a Sequel...
  • #14 - lastshin
    as expected of hime!! the way she swings that chainsaw is awesome!
  • #13 - SubaSk8s
    loved it! please keep em comingg~
  • I love the animation man.. WOOOO >.<
  • #11 - griever314
    Hiro is nothing but a meat shield. LoL. I wish he would be of some other use that would make him look cool.