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  Hotaru no hikari

Alternative Title(s)     Hotaru no hikari
The Glow of the Fireflies

Genre(s)     Romance, Comedy
Episode(s)     10
Type     Jdrama Series
Date Released     July 11 , 2007
Date Finished     September 12 , 2007
Overall Views     10696
Rating     8.64/10.00 (42) 


It is said that many working women in their twenties are clandestinely, sloppy and lazy homebodies. At work, they put on a facade of living it up in glitz and glamour, but at home, they live as ultimate sexless slobs! Hotaru Amemiya (Haruka Ayase), who works in the interior design industry in Tokyo, is truly one such homebody. She would rather sleep than date and loves to dilly-dally at home, clad in a stained T-shirt and sweat pants, drinking beer while scratching her behind. But her comfy homebody life is threatened when one day, her boss, Takano (Naohito Fujiki), moves into her house out of the blue. Then, at work, an up-and-coming young designer, Makoto Teshima (Kazuki Kato) returns from London, and Hotaru's life takes a new turn. She falls in love! How will the homebody girl respond to Makoto's bold move? Will she remember how to be feminine again?

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2010-11-04 Seth117 620
2 Episode 2 2014-01-29 Ceres 244
3 Episode 3 2010-11-04 Kobowo 859
4 Episode 4 2010-11-04 Kobowo 934
5 Episode 5 2010-11-04 Kobowo 1413
6 Episode 6 2010-11-04 Kobowo 813
7 Episode 7 2010-11-04 Kobowo 1519
8 Episode 8 2010-11-04 Kobowo 1509
9 Episode 9 2010-11-04 Kobowo 953
10 Episode 10 2010-11-04 Kobowo 1832