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  Hana Yori Dango Movie

Alternative Title(s)     Hana Yori Dango Movie
花樣男子 MOVIE

Genre(s)     Romance, Comedy, Drama
Type     Jdrama Movie
Date Released     June 28 , 2008
Date Finished     June 28 , 2008
Overall Views     3693
Rating     9.47/10.00 (51) 


Domyoji (Jun Matsumoto) holds a big press conference to announce his wedding to Makino (Mao Inoue). The press is playing her up like a Cinderella of the day. Even Domyoji's mother who tried to break them up doggedly is now happy for them, and offers Makino a family hearloom, a tiara worth 10 billion yen called 'Smile of Venus'. The tiara is believed to bring its owner everlasting love and happiness. However, a man in black steals the tiara! The trail to recover the tiara starts from Tokyo to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, a deserted island and more.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2010-10-22 Neite 3693

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  • THE BEST !!! Ive watched 3 versions of this... Meteor Garden Boys Over Flowers And this Hana Yori Dango... And for me, this is the best version... They had the best cast, although not so handsome... :3 Tsukasa and Tsukushi had the Best chemistry... they d...
  • #11 - ohohtoma
    THIS IS SO GOOD! I even cried after watching this. 2 thumbs up! Perfect. Just perfect :">
  • #10 - boozh
    i didn't expect this to be this good!! bravo!!!
  • really amazing, i was waiting patiently for this ending even in the korean version XD *happiness*
  • #8 - chams
  • wow!!! absolutely complete perfect movie.... i really really like it no i love it. . . esp. the ending. ^_~
  • FANTASTIC! Absolutely loved it. :)
  • #5 - tereychan
    i just only finished watching hana yori dango the movie... i am so happy with the ending... it is truly every girls wants to happen to their lives... this is what i called a "happily ever after"
  • Superb & cute ending! x3
  • #3 - o0oabhie
    Yess. Finally. I'll be able to see Tsukasa and Tsukushi together again %u2665