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  Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Alternative Title(s)     Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
The World God Only Knows
The World God only Knows
Genre(s)     Comedy, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Episode(s)     12
Type     Series
Date Released     September 24 , 2010
Date Finished     December 23 , 2010
Overall Views     92788
Rating     9.57/10.00 (631) 


* Based on a manga series written and illustrated by Wakaki Tamiki, serialised in Weekly Shounen Sunday.Katsuragi Keima, a second-year high school student, is an avid dating sim gamer. He is known on the Internet as The Capturing God for his legendary skills to be able to capture any 2D girl in games. However, in his actual school life, Keima is known as otamegane (オタメガネ), a derogatory portmanteau of the two words otaku (オタク) and megane (メガネ - glasses).At the start of the series, Keima receives an e-mail offering him a contract to capture girls. He accepts what is thought to be a challenge, and a demon from Hell nicknamed Elsee appears. She asks for his cooperation to help her in catching the runaway spirits. These spirits hide themselves inside the girls heart, and Elsee suggests that the only method to force the spirits out is by capturing their hearts making them fall in love. Appalled by the idea, Keima refuses after clarifying to Elsee that he is only interested in capturing 2D girls and that he detests reality. Nevertheless, with the contract already accepted, Keima would have to help Elsee no matter what; if they fail, both Elsee and Keima would lose their heads.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Preview 2010-09-19 bloodyrein 2056
2 Episode 1 2010-10-07 asaness01234 9771
3 Episode 2 2010-10-14 asaness01234 7589
4 Episode 3 2010-10-21 asaness01234 7314
5 Episode 4 2010-10-28 asaness01234 8413
6 Episode 5 2010-11-04 asaness01234 7866
7 Episode 6 2010-11-11 asaness01234 8344
8 Episode 7 2010-11-18 asaness01234 7363
9 Episode 8 2010-11-25 asaness01234 7920
10 Episode 9 2010-12-02 asaness01234 6750
11 Episode 10 2010-12-09 asaness01234 7035
12 Episode 11 2010-12-16 asaness01234 6180
13 Episode 12 2010-12-22 asaness01234 6187

Comment Box

  • #196 - Slen56
    Btw the bgm in ep 11 that you might want to find is elisa-God only knows
  • #195 - BossyBear11
    I have watched all 3 seasons and read all the manga chapter. I don't want to compare, but the manga much more awesome than the anime... with more detail to all. The anime too seems more boyish/childish than the manga but maybe it's just my preferences
  • #194 - YOSHINON
  • Keima is so cool! >////< <3
  • #192 - SparkyLyras
    If you're going to watch this anime, watch the whole series, straight through to the end of season 3. Individually, they're a 7 or an 8 at best, with a score of no higher than 35 or 40 out of 50. As a whole series, straight to the end, it's beyond 50.
  • #191 - pokemon
  • OMG. I love his mom. xDD
  • #189 - animelover22
    i hope season 2 has good music for opening^^
  • #188 - animelover22
    the theme/entrance song is catchy, love it ^^
  • #187 - AnonAtOS
    elsee-chan kawaii!!