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  Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Koufun! Mikazuki-jima no Animal Panic

Alternative Title(s)     Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Koufun! Mikazuki-jima no Animal Panic
劇場版 NARUTO 大興奮!みかづき島のアニマル騒動[パニック]だってばよ
Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

Genre(s)     Action, Adventure
Type     Movie
Date Released     August 4 , 2006
Date Finished     August 4 , 2006
Overall Views     601
Rating     8.93/10.00 (40) 


Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Lee are sent to protect a prince during his trip around the world and see that he returns safely to his home in the Moon Country. The Moon Country happens to be really rich and as such the Prince tends to buy anything his heart desires, during his travels the Prince would come across a circus group that features a rare Sabre-toothed tiger that he just had to have. So he purchased the entire group. Suddenly a mission to protect just the spoiled prince that hardly listened to anything said, turns in to a mission to look after aimals and a prince that doesn`t listen to what they say, and in the end somehow get them all back safely to their home country. All the while there are three mysterious Ninja wielding some frightening jutsu waiting for them. Why are they attacking them? What do they want with Team Kakashi!?!

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1 Full Movie 2010-02-10 IrishMonkee 601

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  • #3 - Matuu
    Pinkie Promise overload!!!
  • #2 - Yoke Kaye
    woo hoo! naruto movies rock! i luv guys who never gives up! GUYS WHO HAVE GUTS!!!
  • why in 76:41 mins of playing still buff???? and 8s kinda damage or something... it doesn't seem to play the video any more...