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  NANA 2 (Live Action)

Alternative Title(s)     NANA 2 (Live Action)

Genre(s)     drama, romance
Type     Jdrama Movie
Date Released     December 9 , 2006
Date Finished     December 9 , 2006
Overall Views     2876
Rating     8.6/10.00 (20) 


The story continues from the first NANA movie, where Hachiko meets Takumi. The movie follows the anime closely.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Movie Part 1 2010-01-18 xiety 949
2 Movie Part 2 2010-01-18 xiety 1927

Comment Box

  • #4 - Atrista
    They did change a lot of the actors. I noticed Hachi, Ren, Shin, and Reira. The only one I was happy with was Shin, the new actor is super cute and matches Shin perfectly!! Hachi, not so great, but at least she did ok on the crying scenes.
  • #3 - lalala9
    Woa they changed so many actors...or am I imagining it?
  • #2 - Yoke Kaye
    eww nana has center-parting for her hair
  • #1 - Daenaerys
    greatest story ever told.