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  Ichigo Mashimaro OVA

Alternative Title(s)     Ichigo Mashimaro OVA
苺ましまろ OVA
Strawberry Marshmallow OVA

Genre(s)     Comedy, Daily Life, Seinen
Episode(s)     3
Type     OVA
Date Released     February 22 , 2007
Date Finished     April 24 , 2007
Overall Views     599
Rating     9.5/10.00 (16) 


Based on Barasui's manga series, Ichigo Mashimaro follows the life of Nobue Itoh, her younger sister Chika, and her friends. The basic premise of the show can be summed up in 'cute girls do cute things in cute ways', be it trying to quit smoking, going outside to play, celebrating a holiday, or doing school work. This OVA picks up where the series left off, continuing the adventures of your everyday life, only cuter.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-09-21 Bindu1000 183
2 Episode 2 2009-09-21 Bindu1000 122
3 Episode 3 2012-09-03 ire 88

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  • #7 - fleak2
    i think it is cos i using netbook with 1024 x 600
  • #6 - jbluey
    are you sure ders no sub when its in fullscreen? i tried it and it has...
  • #5 - fleak2
    agrees with the screen bigger no sub thingy
  • Unfortunately yes.
  • #3 - kentpeng
    only 3 episodes in this OVA?
  • #2 - kentpeng
    subs dont show when u make the screen bigger...
  • #1 - alberik
    love this anime ;]