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  Macross Zero

Alternative Title(s)     Macross Zero
マクロス ゼロ

Genre(s)     Action, Airforce, Fantasy, Mecha, Military, Romance, SciFi
Episode(s)     5
Type     OVA
Date Released     December 21 , 2002
Date Finished     October 22 , 2004
Overall Views     4745
Rating     8.85/10.00 (40) 


It was 1999 when a huge extraterrestrial battleship fell down to the Earth and brought superior technology which led to the beginning of war between U.N and Anti-U.N. Eight years have passed, so many veteran pilots were lost on after another, so even boys in their teens were gathered into the battlefield to fight the war.

Shin Kudou, a young U.N F-14 pilot and the main character of the story gets shot down by an unknown enemy ship during a sortie and crash landed on a solitary island.

Coincidentally, an unusual energy reaction is detected on the island, and the energy reaction might be originated from the Protoculture's superior technology legacy which was brought by the extraterrestrial at ancient times. This technology legacy is very similar from the recovered fallen extraterrestrial battleship eight years ago.

Now, both of U.N and Anti-U.N are going to invade the island for the quest of recovering the legacy and the superior technology it posesses...
(taken from Animenfo)

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-06-07 jbluey 673
2 Episode 2 2009-06-07 jbluey 589
3 Episode 3 2009-07-17 Bindu1000 1127
4 Episode 4 2009-07-17 Bindu1000 1778
5 Episode 5 2009-07-17 Bindu1000 578

Comment Box

  • #10 - bongun100
    Wow I was shocked at the graphics.. very cool.. though i love macross f's storyline and music
  • Macross F is more shitty. Zero is the real deal!
  • How Sad.. MAN!!! but great Anime!
  • #7 - zevlag21
    this is really good compared to the animation of frontier... this is really awesome
  • #6 - Sutiivu
    People tend to shit on Macross Zero, but I loved it.
  • #5 - cms321
    Macross is only the first saga of Robotech. The other two are Mospeada and Southern Cross.
  • #4 - hydronium
    ep 1, is like the Macross Frontier ep when they made a movie.
  • sweet!! another macross to watch ^_^
  • #2 - jbluey
    Robotech is the US title.
  • #1 - soul13
    isn't this robotech?