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  Mind Game

Alternative Title(s)     Mind Game

Genre(s)     Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Seinen
Type     Movie
Date Released     August 7 , 2004
Date Finished     August 7 , 2004
Overall Views     2197
Rating     8.48/10.00 (23) 


Nishi, an awkward young manga artist in Osaka, has had on longstanding crush on Myon. Thing is, Myon?s got a thing for rugged Ryo. Matters come to a head at her sister Yan?s yakitori restaurant, in the presence of the girl?s dissolute father?who happens to owe a bunch of money to a pair of creepy gangsters, who?ve come to collect. Things get ugly, and Nishi gets killed in a brutal, graphic fashion. End of the story? No way, that?s just the start. Pulling a fast one on God (in all his/her/its infinite manifestations), Nishi hightails it back to Earth, where he replays the crime to his advantage, steals a car and grabs the girls. Under a hail of yakuza gunfire, he bails off a bridge?and into the mouth of a whale. There, he and his two female companions encounter a tenacious and lively old man who has set up camp in the beast?s belly, longing to someday return to human company on dry land. With no immediate exit available, the quartet make do?fishing, fighting, making love, weaving tales of strange happenings on faraway planets and dreaming of life in the real world. Will they ever set foot there again?

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1 Full Movie 2009-02-12 jbluey 2197

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  • #10 - hokeymon
    @sion1990: It's called mind game cause those abstract art is what's inside the protagonist's head. Kinda like thinking clearly. He's a mangaka for christ sake. Overall the movie was pretty epic. Touched me to see every person, bad or good has their own...
  • only way to describe my feelings about this movie... WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!
  • #8 - luimenta
    very abstract, cool and daring! I cant understand parts of it
  • #7 - zevlag21
    so crazy and artistic... nice storyline
  • this is quite an abstract! but it really is awesome!
  • #5 - sion1990
    there's no "mind game" to the movie except the title itself pretty nifty stuff though
  • #4 -
    I gave up at 23 minutes, I'm going crazy just watching it, holy shit.
  • wow.
  • #2 - pmentir
    holy shit! get drunk, high and/or drop some acid before watching! I didn't, probably why i'll have to watch it again to understand more....
  • #1 - Naruleach
    wow! that was really great!!