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  My Boss My Hero

Alternative Title(s)     My Boss My Hero
マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー

Genre(s)     School drama, comedy
Episode(s)     10
Type     Jdrama Series
Date Released     July 8 , 2006
Date Finished     September 16 , 2006
Overall Views     20861
Rating     9.46/10.00 (93) 


Sakaki Makio, also known as 'Tornado' is a tough 27-year-old high school drop-out. By academic standards, he's pretty dumb. His father decides to force Makio to return to high school to receive his diploma and he asks an old friend who happens to be the principal of a nearby school to admit Makio. If Makio doesn't graduate, the position of boss will be given to his younger brother, Mikio.

Furthermore, he must pose as a 17-year-old during school hours and in the presence of any classmates or teachers outside of school. If his cover is blown, it would be the end of his high school career as well as his hopes to become boss. Things start out rough and tough as Makio's violent temper is tested. As the lessons and days go by he learns there is much more to school than just tests and studying.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-02-09 avich 3418
2 Episode 2 2009-02-09 avich 3056
3 Episode 3 2009-02-09 avich 3229
4 Episode 4 2009-02-10 avich 1255
5 Episode 5 2009-02-10 avich 1299
6 Episode 6 2009-02-12 avich 2631
7 Episode 7 2009-02-12 avich 1271
8 Episode 8 2009-02-12 avich 1036
9 Episode 9 2009-02-12 avich 1134
10 Episode 10 2009-02-12 avich 2532

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  • pudding !! Pudding!! PUDDIINGGG!!! xD
  • #74 - itzjustj
    I hate when little girls run from me when my pants are around my ankles. Don't they understand how hard it is to run like that?
  • #73 - nico robin
    this drama is sooooo damn funny ... love it hhhhhhh X'D
  • #71 - Meiru
    what is BS? i love this jdrama.
  • #70 - animeholic
    love this jdrama.. the best jdrama ever <3
  • #69 - Bolero
    I was so busy laughing that I forgot to breath ~dies
  • #68 - PenggMC
    i like that girl from 3c who always do some stretches before going to run for the pudding lol xD
  • #67 - DreaMiiexx
    That guy who keep calling him Aniki, is super nice :DDDD
  • full of laughs. . ^^