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  Hotaru no Haka

Alternative Title(s)     Hotaru no Haka
Grave of the Fireflies

Genre(s)     Historical, Mina, Tragedy, WWII
Type     Movie
Date Released     April 16 , 1988
Date Finished     April 16 , 1988
Overall Views     2994
Rating     9.06/10.00 (110) 


In the latter part of World War II, a boy and his sister, orphaned when their mother is killed in the firebombing of Tokyo, are left to survive on their own in what remains of civilian life in Japan. The plot follows this boy and his sister as they do their best to survive in the Japanese countryside, battling hunger, prejudice, and pride in their own quiet, personal battle.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2009-01-26 PolPunisher 1059

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  • my friend recommended this for me and now im crying
  • #17 - AlexanderZ
    Finally managed to watch it a second time, cried just as much even though I knew what was coming. I take that as a testament to the superb direction and animation. Recommende.. for watching alone, because you will probably cry.
  • #16 - budex
    this is too much to lose. T_T
  • #15 - MishyCandy
    aww... heartbreaking :(
  • #14 - Leofighter
    That guy is dumb from the start.
  • #13 - BebopGrimm
    Show Spoiler
  • #12 - Kioshi
    A must-watch and must-consider movie...Incredible.
  • After almost 2 years of search for this Anime, at last I found this here in Otaku but unfortunately, it's English Dubbed. I was hoping it would be Japanese Dub with English Subtitles, but anyway, a lot of thanks for uploading it here :-D
  • #10 - zheren22
    this. very depressing
  • Why is it in english ? could someone please upload a japanese one with english subs...