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Alternative Title(s)     Genshiken

Genre(s)     Comedy, Parody, Slice of Life
Episode(s)     12
Type     Series
Date Released     October 9 , 2004
Date Finished     December 25 , 2004
Overall Views     9303
Rating     8.72/10.00 (76) 


Sasahara Kanji is a college freshman who decides to join a student society to share his hidden thoughts on manga, anime and gaming. When he first visited Genshiken, short for "Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuu Kai" (Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture), his groundless pride was destroyed by the plotting of Madarame, a sophomore student in Genshiken, but he still couldn't admit that he is an otaku. However, as he participates in society activities such as visiting dojin (private publishing) shops and anime festivals, and hangs out with other society members Kosaka (a hardcore otaku despite his extreme eccentricities and good looks), Kosaka's girlfriend Kasuga Saki (who isn't really an otaku), Ohno (a cosplayer) and the others, he opens his mind and resolves that he will make his way into the otaku world. With their help, Sasahara slowly adjusts to otaku life in Genshiken.

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Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-01-05 Bindu1000 1354
2 Episode 2 2009-01-05 Bindu1000 681
3 Episode 3 2009-01-05 jbluey 1535
4 Episode 4 2014-01-28 Ceres 131
5 Episode 5 2009-01-05 jbluey 497
6 Episode 6 2009-01-05 jbluey 1057
7 Episode 7 2009-01-05 jbluey 604
8 Episode 8 2009-01-05 jbluey 567
9 Episode 9 2009-01-05 jbluey 693
10 Episode 10 2009-01-05 MishyCandy 242
11 Episode 11 2009-01-05 jbluey 496
12 Episode 12 2009-01-05 jbluey 511

Comment Box

  • #14 - Hexxike
    this show is really funny. It is kind of hard to find comedy aimed for adults but this one is really fun to watch :)
  • #13 - PenggMC
    is that kujibiki unbalance that is shown in ep 2? W0w the chairman of genshiken is like some sort of CIA, spy agent.. that its kowai.. !-_- somehow this anime and boku wa tomodachi are similar..
  • #12 - IndI311
    Show Spoiler
  • this anime is so relaxing it's boring kinda sux but somehow u can't stop watching :S (if someone is feeling the same way plz say it ) ^_^y
  • #10 - sion1990
    this is so funny lol
  • #9 - appoloin
    this is actually very good once u get itno it and really understand it; u have ti see the good behind it all.
  • #8 - appoloin
    i remember trying to watch this a few yrs back; stopped after ep2 but now im am older and more anime addiceted; i have matured!!!!!!!!
  • #7 - eviltreez
    It's a good show. Its funny because i can relate to the characters not because of jokes. Situational humor not gags.
  • #6 - kuroneko
    its seinen... the target audience isn't really teens xD thats why some of the younger audience might have some issues following it =) its a good story .. though i recommend the manga much more
  • it took me awhile to finish this show but it really isnt that bad