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  Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

Alternative Title(s)     Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
劇場版 鋼の錬金術師 シャンバラを行[ゆ]く者
Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

Genre(s)     Action, Historical, Military, Shounen, Violence, WWII
Type     Movie
Date Released     July 23 , 2005
Date Finished     July 23 , 2005
Overall Views     8616
Rating     9.21/10.00 (151) 


Munich, Germany, 1923. Two years have passed since Edward Elric was dragged from his own world to ours, leaving behind his country, his friends and his younger brother, Alphonse. Stripped of his alchemical powers, he has been all this time researching rocketry together with Alphonse Heiderich, a young man with a lot of resemblances to his own brother, hoping to one day find a way back home. His efforts so far had proven fruitless, but when he hears that the Thule Society, an occult group strongly tied to the Nazi Party, discovered what could be a clue to the location of the legendary, mystical place called 'Shamballa', Edward's hopes get renewed. Meanwhile, in his own world, Alphonse Elric ventures deeper into the mysteries of alchemy in search for a way to reunite with his older brother.

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No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Movie Part 1 2009-01-08 jbluey 5260
2 Movie Part 2 2009-01-08 jbluey 3356

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  • #30 - AllySylum
    It's so unfair for Winry!
  • Poor winry... :((
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  • #27 - mcedward
    what about winry?? the ending is so selfish for winry..i guess i hope there will be a continuation of this movie where winry will be happy also.. so sad for her part in this ending..
  • #26 - ReaperX
    gonna watch this again!! its owsom!!
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  • wow didnt expect this one..its good! :D
  • wah!! I lobe the part when ed crashes!! aahahah!!
  • waaaaah!! sooooo coool!!! ahaha X3
  • #21 - coolviewer
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