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  Byousoku 5 Centimeter

Alternative Title(s)     Byousoku 5 Centimeter
5cm Per Second

Genre(s)     Daily Life, Romance, School Life, Tragedy
Type     Movie
Date Released     February 11 , 2007
Date Finished     March 3 , 2007
Overall Views     3921
Rating     9.17/10.00 (234) 


A movie consisting of three parts, basically telling the story of two people, Tohno Takaki and Shinohara Akari, who were close friends but gradually grow farther and farther apart as time moves on. Takaki and Akari become separated because of their families yet continue to exchange contact in the form of eMails. Yet as time continues to trudge on, their contact with one another begins to cease. Years pass and the rift between them grows ever larger. However, Takaki remembers the times they have shared together, but as life continues to unfold for him, he wonders if he would be given the chance to meet Akari again as the tale embarks on Takaki's realization of the world and people around him.

Part 1 - The Chosen Cherry Blossoms (26 min): Because of family movement, Shinohara Akari had leave Tokyo upon graduation from elementary school. The deep feelings between Takaki and Akari for each other keep them in contact, but they worry they may not meet again. Then, one day, Takaki learns that his familiy will move from Tokyo to an island in the far south of Japan, so he decides to use this last opportunity visit Akari by train...

Part 2 - Cosmonaut (21 min): Years have passed, and Takaki still writes eMails aimed at Akari, only to never send them to her. Meanwhile Sumita Kanae, his classmate, has special feelings for Takaki, but she does not have the courage to express her love to him...

Part 3 - 5 Centimeters per Second (16 min, more of a music clip than anime): Takaki is working as computer programmer now, occasionally remembering his former life - and love. And then, at a railroad crossing he suddenly passes by a woman who looks familiar to him...

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2009-04-19 jbluey 3921

Comment Box

  • #48 - Skipress
    I thought I wouldn't cry. I thought I really wouldn't. What an ending </3
  • #47 - AllySylum
    The feels on the bus
  • I don't wanna give it 10 but I gave it anyway *cries*
  • Heart breaker...
  • Absolute tearjerker. Just looking at a ruler brings me to tears :c
  • #43 - Kioshi
    So sad...If I had watched this while being in a more appropriate mood it would have hit me really hard.
  • #42 - budex
    We should accept the reality. T.T
  • #41 - gantoine
    The Overall story is Just SAD! ... Just SAD!... i really feel bad on the ending! tears really came out on my eye, especially on the last part! :'( ... a really great Movie, a real eye opener... "for people who have a loved one who were apart, cherish...
  • i really love the story, but for some reason I'm really pissed I don't know why
  • Dem Feels... T^T