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  Burn Up! W

Alternative Title(s)     Burn Up! W

Genre(s)     Action, Boing, Comedy, Cops, Ecchi, Large Breasts, Law and Order, Pantsu, Special Squads, Tragedy, Violence
Episode(s)     4
Type     OVA
Date Released     April 10 , 1996
Date Finished     September 26 , 1996
Overall Views     4090
Rating     8/10.00 (15) 


When the Tokyo City Police are unable to deal with a potential disaster, they know who to call: Team WARRIOR. A secret organization made up of the best the police has to offer, WARRIOR is called to deal with what at first seem to be a bunch of bungling terrorists who have kidnapped officials from the major governments of the world. However, they uncover a far more sinister plot involving electronic drugs, mind control, and a dangerous organization bent on creating chaos out of the governments of the world...beginning with controlling the police itself. Can a master strategist, a sultry, enthusiastic mecha fanatic, a diminutive hacker, a trigger-happy sniper, a mildly perverted driver, and an overemotional bombshell hope to win out in a battle against crazed madmen and scheming criminals? Or will WARRIOR turn out to be nothing more than so many misfits vainly trying to save the day?

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-02-13 jbluey 2064
2 Episode 2 2009-02-13 jbluey 1681
3 Episode 3 2009-02-13 jbluey 189
4 Episode 4 2009-02-13 jbluey 156

Comment Box

  • #10 - ranmachua
    Is this dubbed or subbed before I start watching?
  • #9 -
    Brown anime QTs own.
  • #8 - Xalyx
    4 episodes only?
  • #7 - Othos
    the mech in episode 2 looks like a neon genisis evangelion rip off of eva unit 01
  • #6 -
    how meny episodes of this is there?
  • eheheheh @seeyouisowpor stop watching to much hentai^^ ou cant distinguish hentai from anime^^
  • hentai?
  • #3 - nicocasti
  • #2 - Njaaks
    im not so big fan of the classic anim. style... bit more a new school guy if you can say so
  • #1 - anmigradi
    uuuhh!!! i like classic animation!!!! plus the main characters are women..yay!! It reminds me of under arrest!