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  Brave Story

Alternative Title(s)     Brave Story
Brave Story

Genre(s)     Anthropomorphism, Fantasy, Magic, Mina
Type     Movie
Date Released     July 8 , 2006
Date Finished     July 8 , 2006
Overall Views     2871
Rating     9.1/10.00 (104) 


Wataru, the main character, is a 10 year old 5th grade elementary school student . His grades are so-so and he is a meek and unassertive boy who is easily manipulated by girls. One day his father runs off with a mistress, leaving Wataru and his mother behind. In shock, his mother suffers an accident and is near death. Brokenhearted, Wataru goes inside a neighborhood building that is reputedly haunted. The building actually is the entrance to a delusional world called Vision, in which Wataru must master magic techniques and collect hidden treasures to meet a goddess, who, it is believed, can make wishes come true. Together with new friends he meets there, Wataru's magnificent journey through Vision begins. Adventure, friendship, growing up, family ties, love and magic: this fantasy includes everything viewers expect and can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2009-01-07 FiQ5149 1523

Comment Box

  • #31 - MenjaNinja
    this is why i like adventure, most of adventure genre anime gives me all kind of friendship values... we need more touching story like this.
  • #30 - driftangle
    Truly a wonderful movie. Wwell told story, amazing animation and action with that warm heart feeling
  • #29 - MCoftheD
    If you enjoyed this there is a game available, gameplay similar to ff7 mechanics for psp.
  • #28 - Rathlon
    Cookies for everyone!
  • #27 - IndI311
    just as the title says... its a story about a brave kid in elementary school. its very well made thought it might is to short for a 112 min film. could be a great 6 ep. OVA, but overall its a great(brave)story.
  • #26 - drgyji
  • #25 - Near319
    Great film... nice animation quality too!
  • #24 - JeffJak
    great ending!!
  • #23 - renaru
    Great Movie! The story is better than the PSP version!
  • #22 - umeboshi
    Loved it! I cried so much. ;___; %u2665 definitely one of my favourites, now and forever. %u2665