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  Black Jack Special

Alternative Title(s)     Black Jack Special
Black Jack: 4 Miracles of Life
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Genre(s)     Drama
Episode(s)     4
Type     Series
Date Released     December 21 , 2003
Date Finished     December 21 , 2003
Overall Views     498
Rating     7.86/10.00 (7) 


People's search for better health never ends. That is one of the reasons the study of anatomy and medicine was born. And to keep the physicians in check, we have medical laws. Black Jack goes outside and beyond those laws. He's an unlicensed, genius surgeon, traveling around the globe to complete his masterpieces. In this series, entitled 'The 4 Miracles of Life', we will witness Tezuka Osamu asking the everlasting question about life once again.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2011-09-03 rinoa 185
2 Episode 2 2011-09-03 rinoa 114
3 Episode 3 2011-09-03 rinoa 110
4 Episode 4 2011-09-03 rinoa 89