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  Animation Seisaku Shinkou Kuromi-chan 2

Alternative Title(s)     Animation Seisaku Shinkou Kuromi-chan 2
アニメーション制作進行くろみちゃん 2
Animation Runner Kuromi 2

Genre(s)     Comedy, Daily Life, Seinen
Episode(s)     1
Type     OVA
Date Released     January 28 , 2004
Date Finished     January 28 , 2004
Overall Views     26
Rating     7/10.00 (3) 


Graduating from the Greater Tokyo Animation Academy, the main character Ohguro Mikiko fulfills her dream of working in animation, and takes a job at an animation production company, Studio Petit. On her very first day, she goes to her place of employment with a heart full of hope. However, her superior, Oppama, nicknames her Kuromi and is suddenly taken away in an ambulance, as a result, the new person on the job, Kuromi, finds herself filly responsible for the production desk. Amongst much confusion, Kuromi uses the data left to her by Oppama to become the production runner for episode 2 of Time Journeys.

However, once she realizes what is going on, even that the production will be on time for its broadcast, is doubtful (or so she feels)! Kuromi struggles with the odd and unique personalities of the key animators. will the key animation all be completed in time?

What will you do Kuromi!? With intermingled happenings that are humorous and some that are not so funny, director Daichi Akitaroh directs an industry first anime about the Anime Industry in a very real to life manner.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2014-07-05 X-Kun 26