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  Angel Cop

Alternative Title(s)     Angel Cop
Angel Cop

Genre(s)     Action, Cops, Gunfights, Law and Order, Special Squads, Super Power
Episode(s)     6
Type     OVA
Date Released     September 1 , 1989
Date Finished     May 20 , 1994
Overall Views     642
Rating     8.25/10.00 (12) 


Japan is under attack. A group of violent terrorists, known as the Red May, have launched a wave of bombings and murder across Tokyo, threatening the stability of the entire country. In response, the government calls in the Special Security Force (SSF), an elite law enforcement division with the authorization to use any methods necessary to protect public safety.
As the Red May continue their assault the SSF unleash their deadliest weapon: Angel, a woman whose beauty is matched only by her skills in combat. But Angel soon learns that the situation is far more complex and dangerous than she first thought. The terrorists are dying before she can get to them, ripped apart by some ferocious and inexplicable force. Someone else is after the Red May - someone with the power to destroy anything or anyone in their way including Angle and her team!

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2011-12-30 error345 300
2 Episode 2 2011-12-30 error345 92
3 Episode 3 2011-12-30 error345 66
4 Episode 4 2011-12-30 error345 61
5 Episode 5 2011-12-30 error345 51
6 Episode 6 2011-12-30 error345 72

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  • nah I am a pure UC guy seed isn't gritty war story enough like 0080, 0083, stardust memory, igloo etc..
  • #2 - PenggMC
    somehow the plot of this story is clearly implemented in the US :) with laws like the Patriot Act or NDAA..
  • #1 - toadsage
    Old school Classic, when animes were drawn to the artist's liking not the program options. Great story with good plot. Worth watching. Thanx error345 for loading. ~Toadsage ;^}= Approved.