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  Aachi wa Ssipak

Alternative Title(s)     Aachi wa Ssipak
Aachi i Ssipak

Genre(s)     Action, Comedy, Gunfights, Nudity, Slapstick, Violence
Type     Movie
Date Released     June 28 , 2006
Date Finished     June 28 , 2006
Overall Views     373
Rating     2/10.00 (5) 


Anime from South Korea.

In the future, all energy sources are depleted, except human excrement. To reward production, people receive addictive, popsicle-like 'Juicybars'. Aachi and Ssipak are street hoodlums who struggle to survive by trading black market Juicybars. Through a chain of events involving their porn-director acquaintance Jimmy the Freak, they meet wannabe-actress Beautiful, whose defecations are rewarded by exceptional quantities of Juicybars. For that reason, Beautiful is also wanted by the violent blue mutants known as the Diaper Gang (led by the Diaper King), the police (most notably the cyborg police officer Geko), and others.

Reserved by : X-Kun

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Full Movie 2014-10-01 X-Kun 373