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  Alien 9

Alternative Title(s)     Alien 9
Alien Nine

Genre(s)     Action, Aliens, Angst, Conspiracy, Horror, Parasites, SciFi, Seinen
Episode(s)     4
Type     OVA
Date Released     June 25 , 2001
Date Finished     January 31 , 2000
Overall Views     2184
Rating     7.86/10.00 (21) 


Otani Yuri, much to her disgust, has been elected by her class for alien fighting duty. Together with Tonime Kasumi, who joined the alien fighter simply for the sake of doing so, and Kawamura Kumi, who became and alien fighter to avoid the responsibility of yet another year of class presidency, she must defend her school from periodic alien attacks. Introspection, fear, anxiety and friendship await Yuri as she is forced to stare life itself in the mouth in her chaotic coming of age.

Episode List

No Eps Date Uploaded Uploaded By Views
1 Episode 1 2009-07-25 jbluey 392
2 Episode 2 2009-07-26 jbluey 259
3 Episode 3 2009-07-26 jbluey 1211
4 Episode 4 2009-07-26 jbluey 322

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  • I have a feeling i want to re-watch this... .__. It was good.
  • #8 - mlcdl
    not bad but not that recommendable as well. Well at least I enjoyed this.
  • #7 - guest1
    Hint; This show is about growing up, responsibility and companionship.
  • #6 - Achlys
    wow coward girl just pissed me off saying im scared this and that =.=
  • #5 - Achlys
    the aliens on their heads are so cute xD but their ears are so huge gud thing its already covered :3
  • has to be true, could not take lying spoilerblog. @[email protected]
  • T_T really sad at the endingT_T ive watch this at animax and its still make me sadT_T
  • #2 - dsdark13
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  • #1 - undam
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