Please Read Before Posting Your Suggestion
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    Default Please Read Before Posting Your Suggestion

    [still unfinished; under editing]

    A special thanks to Ceres for her suggestion to create this sticky thread.

    Here are the topics under the Suggestions section. I already organized them and sifted those that are already implemented and those that have alternative features/solutions to be used. If your suggestion isn't here, it doesn't mean that it was rejected or anything. The list below are the hot topics and usually the suggestions that are always being repeated.

    You can view the complete list of threads on the Suggestions section here:
    Sugestions Archive

    • Anime Downloads
    • Events and Contests
    • OS Awards
    • Featured Anime Corner
    • New User Tutorial
    • Fast access to recently watched anime
    • Aspect Ratio Change
    • Other donation methods (Paypal alternatives)
    • Manga section
    • OS Colors/Themes/Skins/Layout
    • Episode titles
    • New Forum sections:

    • OS Diary (for those who seek advices)
    • Drama Talk
    • Vocaloid Talk
    • Series Discussion (subforum)
    • Reviews Section
    • Auto-next/Playlist button for watching anime
    • Pop-out function for SB and CB
    • Show who's viewing a forum
    • Status Updates
    • Uploader of the week
    • Role playing
    • Ability to change the site's background
    • Avatar Maker
    • Anime of the week
    • Favorite episode button
    • AMV Section
    • OS Apple App
    • Next season linking
    • Notifications to uploaders when a video is confirmed broken
    • Drop List (of anime series that you discontinued watching)
    • Image views count on albums
    • Top 10 donators of the month
    • Update link (for newly updated anime) on the CB
    • OS GFX Team
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    1) Shoutbox on beta is on a separate thread from main site. Should echo both threads together if possible. Should make things more lively and people on beta never get answers to their questions.
    2) When I logged-in with old stored password on beta, then entered the new password: the incorrect password dialog popped up a second time but log-in was successful.

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