Guess Who's Back...Back Again lol
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    Default Guess Who's Back...Back Again lol


    I hope some people will remember me, maybe? I used to be really active here some years ago.
    I'm NyteStalker! Although I'd probably change that name now if I could lol. But alas, back in the day I used my 1 change to change it to that from my real name xD

    Anyways, I decided to come back because this always was my favorite place to watch anime and I loved the forums and events back then. I wish the site was still as active as it used to be.

    My life has changed a lot since then tho. I now stream games on Twitch and post a lot on Twitter. I had a son (he just turned 2 on St Pats Day!)

    I noticed the new Beta site! It looks nice so far, but I definitely would like to see some features from this version transfer over to that version.

    Overall, it's nice to be back! I love you guys!
    ~I would have loved anyone so long as I became dependent on him.~

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    Wassup, I been here almost 3 years although I didn't care much for the forum most of the time, and just focused on watching the animes I liked, Jojo and such.

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