Old But Gold Manga #1
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    Cool Old But Gold Manga #1

    Angel Densetsu

    Authors: Yagi, Norihiro (Story & Art)

    Whispering the name Seiichirou Kitano is enough to send shivers down the spine of any student at Hekikuu High. His fearsome looks make even the toughest of men scream, and if his appearance isn't off-putting enough, he is also known to be extremely brutal in fights. In a single day, he took out the school's top thug and became the new guardian. Now, the entire school is at his mercy, and anyone who dares to challenge him better be ready to meet their maker... or so the stories go.

    The truth is that all of the terrible rumors surrounding Seiichirou are misunderstandings, many assuming the worst about him because of his demon-like features. In reality, he is a kindhearted boy who goes out of his way to help others, but his attempts to do good deeds always get hilariously skewed and miscommunicated—which was the case when he became the new guardian.

    Time and time again, Seiichirou tries and fails to prove that he is not the demon that rumors make him out to be. He hopes to one day be able to have friends who look beyond his scary disposition and see him for what he truly is—an angel.
    Don't let it stop you from reading the manga just because it has a crap art style. The story itself is a masterpiece and the characters are lovable even some of them are annoying but they have their own quirks. Its a masterpiece, old but gold.
    I just simply love the characters and especially Kitano Seiichirou XD

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    I adore this manga :) Delinquent stories are one of my favorites, and this one really stole my heart from the beginning. I wish it had gotten at least a full season instead of 2 OVAs when it was animated.... nonetheless, definitely a fantastic read!
    "Shining brightly, even for a split second, is better than living a dull-grey life for eternity."

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