Miracle for One
By: Loren Albert S. Magbitang

If any of the people, events, and places seem to resemble counterparts from real life, that's because I took inspiration from these things. But under no circumstances do they accurately represent the things that were taken from real-life.

Other than that, enjoy.


Oh yeah, if you're easily offended and cannot separate identity politics and politics in general from works of fiction, please turn back. This is not a story for you to read.


Most people, whenever they regret how they lived out their lives often wish that they get the chance to go and repeat their lives to avoid the mistakes that led them wherever they might be now.

Of course, this does not happen. But what if it did? What if one of us was given the chance to do so?

Doesn�t sound too bad, right? But how will you be able to directly change your life, when you yourself are an extraneous variable of �your� life?

I�m sorry, I�m not making much sense right now. You see, my deal with whoever it was responsible for this� went to a direction that�s a bit� unexpected.

Anyways reader, would you join me in my journey? It�s gonna be a long one, and I would appreciate your company should you decide to accompany me.

Would you?


(Yes or No)

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