Love Month - Doki-Doki Event!
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    SYMBOL FOR LOVE category--

    photo link:

    I drew a hand which doesnt hold the other.
    For me, this is the symbol of love. Even if its possible to hold it, you restrain yourself because loving is not always about expressing it. It is usually looking for the best for the person you love. Its more of the person and less of you and if letting go is the best option the you chose it.

    disclaimer: Im not really good in drawing hahaha! credits to my officemate's hand xD

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    ~Symbol of Love category~
    the reason behind me picking a flower as my symbol of love is because it can put a smile on most of my loved one's face and let them be happy with
    what love they are getting in life, they are pretty, sweet smelling, and nice witch alone can put a smile on ones face. :) so smile and have a great day!

    ~Picture Perfect category~
    this is gonna be weird XD but I don't have a wife or anything here. so I picked my mom, she is awesome tho she has a hard time doing stuff nowadays, she always tries her best and which makes me love her even more. she does so much and tries to put a smile one ever one's faces. :p

    well sorry yall this is all I got for ya, I know it's not the best but I wanted to join. and life is punching me in the face for a while now.
    hello there! whats up?

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    I decided to post this drawing my friend made for me. This picture was made by my friend who doesn't even watch anime so it felt really special that something I really liked was made for me, If if it isn't their thing. I think Love for me is making sacrifices and giving a little bit of yourself to another person to make them happy and having the same reciprocated.
    Also Megumine is the best girl from konosuba..
    "For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know"

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    I know it's past the limit, but I still wanted to contribute to the event and give my support to the ones who took the time to organise it : )

    An idea came up last night but I didn't have the picture with me (and you really don't want to see what I am capable of drawing).

    So here we go.
    Spoiler :  

    In fact, I think love holds as many definitions as there are people. Sometimes it appears on a smile, and some other times you can't even feel it anymore. When Leen precised family and friends, I could see very clearly some moments of happiness, moments that you share with people dear to you.
    I chose this picture because I remembered how it felt to cook and enjoy a homemade meal together with my pals. First of all, it means very simply that those people are around you, you create substantial memories, you're already sharing something more than a simple meal. The more effort you put into it, and the more ecstatic you get.
    Love and happiness may well be obscure concepts at times, but we can all strive for these moments of joy. I reckon everyone has a memory or two when they were simply sitting around a table, and had one of those memorable laughter they can't even remind where it came from.

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