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    Question Death March

    So I came back from the other world and found out the death march while looking for latest update in our site :D
    This is somehow my short opinion about the anime :D (feel free to leave comment in the thread if you want to correct some stuffs)

    Base on my observation, graphics are somehow look like the sword art online (SAO) and even the concept of a player turned into a character. Now im wondering weather the author or manga artist is the same BUT up to you to verify this. Moving forward, as I have said the set up is almost like the SAO which is very interesting because we all know that SAO doesnt really have a final ending, like its hanging. Im actually wondering if how are they going to end this one. Trust me, if they dont end this one for good, I wont watch the same concept again., haha.
    *spoiler alert
    So far I only watched 3 episodes. the guy here also has cheat power from the start which they called "bug" in the program. He enters into the game and became the "hero". Not sure about his status in the real world because its not clear with me whether hes just an IT support or the developer itself. To cut everything short, I highly recommend to you this cool anime. I know youre going to like this too. hihi
    tell me if this is against the rule so I could edit this post . heres the link for the trailer which i only googled xD
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    hmm ! .... great observation ! as a reader of its manga i could say its somewhat different ! but its more like overlord ! when he just go to sleep and wakeup in the game ! not like sao where the mc goes in the game and just got stuck there !

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    I've read the whole series of light novels.
    It's such a terrible generic isekai trash story. The MC is so over powered that there is no sense of danger to him or anyone else. He just keeps getting so many ridiculous skills and powers so easily without any work at all to the point where they just start to overlap and the writer can't even keep track of them all. Everything about it is just bad lazy writing.
    But it's also one of my guilty pleasures and absolutely I love it despite how terrible it is.
    It's probably in the top 3 in my trash isekai favorites list.

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