Issues with VM submissions
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    Default Issues with VM submissions

    I started noticing that VB/BB code errors are appearing when writing profile visitor messages. Symptoms are persistent on multiple browsers (tested Firefox, IE, Chrome, & Edge) does not matter if the browser is running script or ad blockers. For example, It is erroneously giving these errors consistently:

    1. The text that you have entered is too long (1208 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long.
    2. BB code font is not allowed.
    3. BB code left is not allowed.

    The problem is the actual text character count is definitely below the character limit. It seems hidden code is getting injected into the submission form & is being counted as characters. When I refresh the page, I temporarily see code in the form before it reverts back to text-only format. Since we are not allowed to view or edit code in the form, it is invisible to the end-user.

    Please see if someone can look into it. I suspect this is a temporary problem or the result of a recent update.

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    In accordance to this, I've been unable to post attachments or edit anything unless I know the code or have to edit an older post to see the code *to be edited for the new post* be it a VM or a post in the forums*EDIT:somehow the problem dissapeared in Edge, but is still in chrome
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