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    Default Stay

    Stay for just one more day,
    One more rising of the sun
    Whose radiance pales pallidly
    In comparison to you,
    Whose gravity has no power over us.

    Stay as though the world
    Was aflame,
    Like time was at an end
    With no chance to make amends
    And there is no tomorrow.

    Stay just one more night,
    Just one more dream
    Drenched in silver wonder,
    Let it freeze this moment
    Like a memory.

    Stay like this gaping
    Wound between us never existed,
    Like the gods have given us
    A second chance
    And today is the first.

    Stay like one was never two,
    Like the earth never trembled and quaked
    Breaking us apart
    Filling the distance with ocean
    And we’re too scared of drowning.

    Like our hearts are still whole.
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    "Forget the lingering darkness in your scars
    and pour so much light into everything you touch,
    the universe will have to create brighter stars
    once you're gone."
    -D. Antoinette Foy

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