Should I just get a cheap 200$ laptop or save up for something more?
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    Default Should I just get a cheap 200$ laptop or save up for something more?

    I personally am very minimalistic in my computer use. I had a 500+ dollar laptop that broke down recently, And I couldn't even move it. I had a secondary monitor set up to it, and I used it primarily for nothing. I had no interest in using it (wooden chair, no leg room, had to have fan pushed against table to compensate for over-heating) I have this laptop, my school's laptop, which is a 750 dollar macbook air and to be honest I don't Know why they gave us such a huge amount of tech, we really just need a cheaper one, haha. But here's what I do on a laptop.

    - Watch anime
    - Download chrome browser (of course)
    - listen to music
    - Download memes and the such

    What I don't do

    - Play vidya games
    - Download videos, or anything other than dank mayams, and even those are occasional
    - be on for like 5+ hours a day, generally I'm on for like 2, and that's collectively (I'm a busy human)

    I'm conflicted because I don't know If I should save for a very enjoyable experience that I'm not going to fully enjoy or a bunch of necessary evils, but be able to do all the things I'd do on the expensive one.

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    In my humble opinion, it almost sounds like a tablet might be a better fit for you, unless you simply wanted a larger screen. Even using a convertible tablet that you could hook a keyboard up to and use as a laptop if needed might be a cheaper alternative than going for a low/mid grade laptop.

    I've experienced having a $400 laptop, an $800 laptop, and my current $1350 Dell XPS laptop. I'd hands-down prefer the Dell XPS I have now over all the others, but I'm an incredibly impatient person when it comes to tech, and am usually willing to pay a bunch of extra money if it means I never have to see a "load screen". Time is money, and I have very little free time these days to spend waiting on a computer that can't keep up with me. :)

    I will say this: if you're conflicted, go with a more expensive/beefier option. The reason being is that you can be a lot more certain that you won't be disappointed in it.


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