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    Default Gosick [Review]

    Hey!!, you! yeah you!, Do you like mystery solving anime shows with an awesome cute loli heroine? well this is a show for you.
    Gosick a show with 24 Episodes with a 24 minute duration, basically aired in the Winter 2011 lineups in which it has a fictional Historical background around it (since i saw no one did a review about this, might as well do it)

    GENRES: Drama, Historical, Mystery, Romance

    [Story] 9/10

    The story takes place in a fictional 1920's image of Europe wherein a Japanese exchanged student named Kujou Kazuya, who is the 3rd son of an Imperial soldier attends Saint Marguerite Academy, a school where a great history occured. Kujo who has no friends because people dubbed/called him as the "Black Reaper who comes in spring" a nickname who startled all the students. As he was known for his nickname because of the rumors that he brings bad luck, he has a hard time getting friends. One day while he visits the school's library tower, he happens to meet a girl with a Golden hair, a girl who is basically called as Victorique, a cute loli girl with the nickname "The Golden Fairy who lives in the library tower". Kujo was amazed by her appearance and her amazing talent on solving mysteries, Kujo then decided that he wants to get close to her as he wants to fill up her lack of emotions, though as their meet was lighten up, Kujo didn't know that Victorique has one dark past that he has himself has been involved on. What will happen? find out about Kujo and Victorique in their journey solving mysteries, finding romance?, or the answers that lies beyond on Victorique's past? or what?

    [Art] 10/10

    I can't really say much about the art style but the Art is perfectly suited for the setting as it really blends in with the atmoshpere.

    [Characters] 10/10

    The characters.
    Kujo Kazuya - A boy who is somewhat gets easily jealous about his older brothers getting all the attentions,a boy who really works hard about everything he somewhat got interested on and a boy who is brave and enters a hunted place alone because he gives no f.
    Victorique De Blois - A Doll-like loli girl who got Golden hair and who is somewhat short-tempered and who somewhat smokes on a pipe? Woahh a badass right here.
    About some characters, you really can't say that it may seems that some important supporting characters don't have a history or a past that has happen to them while it may possible that putting or showing the past of a character will ruin the story/plot.. Well, I can't say that, because while the characters has scenes from the past it really blends in with the plot and some scenes will kindly answers some of your questions.

    [Sounds] 10/10

    The sounds, i can perfectly tell that its bwallaa perfwekto, because if you want some soundtracks that will really blends with
    the scenes and will somewhat hypes you up? tears you up? and somewhat makes you laugh. I can't say too much then

    [Enjoyment] 10/10

    Yes, Enjoyment! since it isn't a comedy genre, some of the scenes will really makes you laugh so bad and if you're somewhat happy if someone is getting killed then this is somewhat good for you.. Lol but tbh (aside from the killing) this will really makes you laugh.

    [OVERALL RATING] 9.7/10
    Wondering why?It might be hard and yet simple, but you might understand why if you can end all the episodes ^^
    We may have different opinions about it tho.

    "Okay, and that's the end. For an ugly guy like me, a love story won't just start out of somewhere. This is reality"

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    Thumbs up

    i really like..how the mystery is solved and the story is really good...some people might not get it at first..and also i like the Characters...

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    I heartily enjoyed this anime as well; the character development for Kujou and Victorique was very well done.

    It was a good murder/mystery anime without much gore, which is always a plus for me.

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    Thank you for your review !


    As I've seen it recently, I agree with you on many points. The show was overall very good. I didn't find the mysteries that complicated, though I didn't figure out that the maid had replaced the queen, and that she was thus still alive. Very entertaining! : )
    I agree with LastVanguard as well, although I found the end was a bit short.

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