[Overview] Darker Than Black is a mix of action, scifi, super powers, and mystery. Following the story of a mysterious Chinese exchange student Li Sheng Shun, who takes on the alias "Hei". We see how he struggles to find the meaning of his powers as a "Contractor", where his sister resides, and how to save humans and Contractors alike.

[Style] The art style that was used really compliments the anime itself. The many greys, sharp reds, blues, and blacks really add to the mystery and tension the show wants you to feel. The action movements aren't disorienting, to the point where it's hard to see what's going on. The camera pans and vibration shakes are well timed and executed. Though, one may also say that the art style is a bit bleak, and empty, but really sticks towards realism. The faces, I noticed are actually pretty realistic to how they would probably look like in real life. The hair styles also pertained to realistic standards as far as regional statistics (average hair color/style within a city/country). Overall very immersive style

[Characters] The main character is very captivating, and really pulls you into the story. The secondary characters add to that with their backgrounds and how they relate to the main character himself. Some characters add comical relief which, in my opinion, is very important in a serious anime.

[Action] The fights pretty much go as one would expect; reasonably paced, not too quick to end, realistic physics, and cool. The many different powers that you get to see in action are wondrous, and really add to the captivation. Makes you wanna see what the next person can do

[Story Lineage] The story moves in increments of 2 episodes (one chapter = 2 episodes), and doesn't really detract from the story line. If anything, it adds to how the story is told, much like DBZ, but isn't carried on through more than 2 episodes. If there ever is filler, it is tied right back to the main character, and is connected in later videos. Note, there are 2 seasons and an OVA between both. I personally enjoyed how the story was told because it all came "full circle", as it were.

[Personal Input] I would've really liked to see more back story with the main character - of why/how he became the person that he is. Other than that, I really loved this anime. 9.5/10

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