Collage of Worlds. A fanfic by Raimar of the Nightfall.
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    Default Collage of Worlds. A fanfic by Raimar of the Nightfall.

    Disclaimer.... I do not own Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Halo, or The Legend of Zelda. Those titles are the property of their respective owner, the following story is a fan fiction that explores new, unrelated characters based off those from the titles, in a "what if" tale that mixes franchises, worlds, and imagination.

    Prologue Shadow of Realities

    Part One Cataclysm

    Dozens of silvery disc like space ships rose from the crumbling surface of the burning planet. Aboard the ships were several thousand Saiyajin, fleeing the overwhelming conflict below. The warriors who remained were too strong, and mad with blood lust, and it was their overpowered fighting that was to cause the upcoming spectacle. In a flash, the silvery ships vanished into the empty void of space, seeking a new world for the survivors to call home.

    Visible on the dark side of the planet, several lines of light sparked, and clashed into small orbs of glowing energy. From orbit, they all looked small, the beams like thin hairs, and the orbs were as tiny marbles of various blues and reds clashing apon a furious chain of yellow sparked from a single source. But down up close, each beam was a blinding pillar of light, a full meter in diameter, and each splashing orb, was hundreds of meters in radius.

    Each beam of yellow overpowered the others. Most slowly succumbed to the power of the singular fighter, whose bright yellow ki aura could be seen from orbit. But several powerful beams swiftly overwhelmed the weaker warriors who fought the glowing combatant. One such yellow beam rushed from the clash, down towards the planet, and the silent vacuum of space was shattered. The Planet exploded with such force as to cause the nearby star which it orbited to to violently collapse in the mighty shock wave.

    The star's collapse was a spectacular event. The ball of burning plasma shriveled into a tiny orb one tenth of it's original size, growing ten times brighter for just an instant, then exploded outward, spinning into a mighty pulsar that shattered world and stars hundreds of light years away.

    The Grand Kai, watching the event unfold muttered to himself "Never seen a planet vaporize itself so completely before." With a shrug, he turned his godly attentions elsewhere. Unknown to the Grand Kai, this was the catalyst, one of nine which sparked not an ending, but a beginning. For the Grand Kai did not see the shadow that was imprinted on the edges of reality, creating another world.

    Part Two Comet Fall

    The light of the crescent moon was unusually bring apon the mountain, as the warming spring breeze blew. Flocks up Pidgeys and Spearows slept lightly, as was the habit of wild creatures that need fear predators. Small Zubats fluttered through the sky, with the occasional Golbat.

    Somewhere in the hills of the mountain, a Geodude cried out in outrage, infuriated at being stepped on by a night wandering Pokemon. The momentary uproar was swiftly ended moments later with a loud crash that shattered a small cliff side. Just another fight in the Poke-wilds, it was otherwise a peaceful night.

    Then, a faint white spec flickered in the night sky. It almost instantly grew brighter into an object of burning white fire, that fell with a thunderous crash apon the mountain side. A massive crater was blown into the mountain, and flecks of the burning pinkish-white stone scattered into the land for miles around. This mountain would come to be called Mount Moon, for the stone which had fallen. A new breed of Pokemon were born from this mighty stone.

    But even as this stone brought new life, it's twin, a stone as black of the void, had fallen with it. The second impact, which hit simultaneously with the first, created just the right amount of force, in just the right spot, to momentarily imprint a shadow of the world into the distant expanse of reality.

    Part Three The Great Journey

    All hope was lost. The Sangheili Fleet Master sat in the Ship Master's seat on the bridge of his flagship watching in despair as the parasite consumed his fleet. Two hundred ships, that was all that was left of his people before the Forerunners asked him to lead this last desperate suicide battle. And now all that was left of his species was three dozen ships, all damaged badly.

    The battle had gone well, at least it was as good a fight as the Sangheili had ever given. The giant parasite pods had come out of subspace and attacked suddenly. But the fleet was waiting for them. As they dropped out of subspace, Sangheili, Kig-yar, Jiralhanae, and Forerunner ships had fired apon them. The combined fleet of a thousand ships destroyed a vast number of the parasite. But they were too many. Thousands apon thousands came, dropping out of subspace in a continuous stream.

    All this and for what ? The Forerunners promised a weapon, one that would destroy the parasite. One that would not ruin them as had the diadac's monstrous Index. Three hours was all they needed to get the weapon finished. But where was this weapon ?

    "Fleet Master, Incoming from the planet's surface" The thick voice of one of his warriors said, from a nearby monitor. "Put it on the central display" the Fleet Master said immediately.

    The central holo-projector shifted from the battle to the planet. Seven great rings rose up from the surface. One by One the first six vanished into subspace. The last ring alone remained, hanging over the planet like a massive halo.

    "Fleet Master" a voice called over the communications system, "The weapon is ready, slightly behind schedule, but blessedly finished." The Fleet Master sighed in relief. "Firing the Halo shall commence immediately."

    The Fleet Master looked to his crew, then stood and activated fleet wide communications. "Brothers, sisters, and blood brothers... We have done it. The weapon is finished, and the fight ends now. Come my brothers, let us take up position in the center of the ring, that we may be first to take this great journey into the great beyond. Let us wait on the other side to welcome those who come after, and bar the way to the cursed parasite." It was short and to the point. Few Sangheili speeches were ever longer.

    In response to his speech, the voices of all the remaining Sangheili rose up in unison "For Honor, for blood" and so it was that three dozen ships filled with sangheili were in the center of the great ring when it lit. So great was the blast from the weapon, that all that was in the middle of the rings momentarily cast a shadow across the fabric of reality. The great shadow snagged the edges of what was, creating shades of what was in a realm far removed from what should be, and from what was.

    Part Four Moon fall Blessings

    The aged shaman sat with his younger apprentices, wrapped deeply in magic. With his knowledge and memories set, he silently called to the goddess of time. And humming the Song of Time, he sent all that was, back to his younger self. All in hope that he would see and know. He sent the desperate message, and prayed that he could destroy or seal away the demonic mask.

    Around him sat all that remained of his tribe. One and all they shared two traits that marked them, eyes the color of blood, and hair as white as virgin snow. Children with snowy hair cowered in the arms of leather skinned elders. Together they waited, they knew their doom was at hand.

    The manic laughter of the demonic mask taunted them. It's mocking taunts cut deeply. "Where is your precious guardian now, little Sheiki ? Where is your Fierce deity ? mwahahahaha, A MASK ! That is all that is left of your mightiest warrior."

    And so it was that Standing resolute, the Sheiki Tribe, and the three Sheika emissaries from their sister tribe in the world of Hyrule waited for the end. And it came swiftly and in breathtaking beauty. The moon, with a twisted effagy of a tormented face, carved by the demonic mask, fell to the world. It fell beyond ghostlands of Ikana, the first enimies who the shaman's people hexed with the mask. A wave of yellow and green and blue fire washed out from the mighty crater, followed by a wave of molten stone, and washed over the land.

    And the world froze. All time stopped, paused by the goddess of time, who watched weeping at the courage of Sheiki people. Backwards she went, to a year before, where she gave back the memories of the elder shaman, in the form of a vision so powerful as to lift him into the air before his people to whom he spoke to. They watched him fly up, his eyes glowing bring with the power of the goddess given vision. Then in horror he told of the mask's treachery, and the shaman, with aid of his people, concocted a plan.

    She watched for one month, as the shaman desperately tried in vain to destroy the cursed mask. And she applauded his courage and firm resolution to protect his people. Then, when the shaman sealed away the mask, she searched all of reality. And she found the dim shadow, layered apon by three other worlds. And so when the sealing ritual was finished, she set apon it her own seal, and took all the ancient tribe and cast them unto the forming shadow, and blessed the world that all who passed to it could live a second chance.

    Part Five Shock waves in the force

    The battle was intense, the blaster fire howling through the air with fury. Republic troopers fired on Sith and their minions, only for the Sith to deflect their own weapons fire back at them and their Jedi companions. In turn, Sith Imperial troopers fired on the Republic forces, and in turn, their own blaster bolts were sent back to rain among them and their Sith masters. Some Jedi only deflected the searing bolts of energy at Sith, who were all to eager to send them back to the sender specifically. Thermal detonators flew every so often, punctuating the screams of death and anger with loud blasts.

    Darth Malious gloried in the butchery. Howling with twisted laughter, he sat in his throne watching the castle that was under siege. His plan was coming into place perfectly. The republic thought it was his castle they were attacking. They were right in a way, but it was not the castle he was currently in.

    NOTE FROM AUTHOR: There is more to this last part of the opening, however, i am tired, it is late, so i will return to writing at another date.... probably should not have started so eagerly on part five, but i felt i should get some of it out at least to give an idea at where i am taking this... tell me in the comments how you want this little group to be brought into the mess, if its better than what i got, i may use it (with credit given) But only if you post before i delete this 'NOTE' and continue writing ;P
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    Pretty good combination of stuff going on here. I like where you're going.

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