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    My friend told me that I should try doing One-shot stories and well I kinda tried. So here it goes! (Sorry for the spacing I used word for it)

    *<Seth’s POV>

    “Mummy look! That guy has tattoo-
    “Ssh baby, I know, and stop pointing its rude”
    The mother hushed his son and continued walking along the street.
    “Pssh”*Well at least she teaches him some manners.
    I was just walking down that street going to I don’t know where until that boy and his mother passed by. Yeah I got some tattoos and because of that people would often judge me already as the bad-boy-so-don’t-go-near type. But I seriously don’t give a fvck. They aren’t the ones feeding me so why the hell would I even care?
    Like I said, so I just kept walking until I noticed this girl coming out of some coffee shop to clean the tables. I don’t usually even look at the people whom I pass by, but unfortunately this girl was unconsciously attracting way too many guys because of what she was wearing.
    I guess it was their uniform but with her height the dress just seemed a little too short for her. From the looks of it she maybe a 5’5 give and take (but I’m taller) and well her uniform is likely just between her thighs. If I were in a foul mood I would just leave these bastards, but unfortunately I wasn’t and my mom raised my well enough to know when to be gentleman.*I really am going to regret this later
    I was closing in on her when I noticed that she somehow looked familiar. I think I already saw those red curls before, but I can’t put my finger on it exactly.
    Whilst she was picking up the trash in that table I swiftly put my hands around her waist and pulled her near to me. I glared at the guys that were eyeing here like she was their last supper, and they finally left after recognizing me.**Good for them
    She stiffened and was shocked with my gesture and turned to look at me. And because of that I really regretted doing it in the first place.
    “S-Seth? W-what are you doing here?” she stuttered and I immediately pulled away
    I cursed behind my breath.*Well isn’t this nice? The world really hates me
    “I was just passing by and I noticed you”
    “O-oh, so why did you do t-that?” I can see her blush and even though she tried hiding it, she just failed.*God knows how much I missed her...
    “Your uniform is*too*short and some perverts were passing by, I guess it was your right to know that” I said coldly
    For a second smile curled into her small face and was immediately gone the moment she saw me scowl.
    “Oh, uhm thanks” she muttered as she pulled her uniform down.
    “Okay. Bye” I said and left.*Because if I hadn’t I may breakdown.
    Her name was Sarah. Ironically speaking right after I thought of that Chris Daughtry's song was playing in an open taxi that was parking where I decided to get some air. And that is how a grim grin formed in my lips as I remembered what happened.
    Now that it’s all said and done, I can't believe you were the one
    To build me up and tear me down like an old abandoned house
    What you said when you left, just left me cold and out of breath
    I felt if I was in way to deep, guess I let you get the best of me"

    A few years ago...
    It’s was my first day as a senior and one more year I can finally leave that good for nothing school. While I was just standing by the lockers checking out some freshmen, I saw her.
    Well to be honest, who wouldn’t? I mean she practically made her grand entrance by slipping in the middle of the hallway when she entered.
    Normally, I would’ve figured out to what kind of girl she was depending on her reaction. Though I think I saw her on some of my classes, I still didn’t know her name. So, it was either, she was a.) The cheerleader, who probably shout bloody murder b.) The nerd, who’ll make everyone laugh at her and she’ll just stand on her own preventing herself from crying c.) The emo, who’ll be oblivious of what just happened, stand up and act as if nothing happened*d.) The boyish type who’ll make it look like she did it on purpose or e.) None of the above
    Unfortunately, she made it hard for me. Want to know why? She did it all. I should’ve put F, which was all of the above.
    Shockingly, first she shouted like what an average girl would do, then tried to stand up on her own teary eyed,* wiped her tears away, just stood still for a moment emotionless, and then laughed at herself.
    Crazy. That was the first word that came out of my mind. But I think Crazy was just an understatement.
    “SARAH HAWKINS! TO MY OFFICE NOW!” The hallway suddenly became dead silent when Principal Harper came. Lucky her.
    She tried to negotiate with him, but one glare made her mute and followed him like a lost puppy.
    “Dude, check out Hillary- hey!”
    I realized that I forgot that I was with some of my friends, lucky for me I was back in my senses when Josh was suddenly bumped by freshmen.*Oh you’re dead meat.
    The guy almost fainted as noticed the damaged that he caused. His eyes were bulging out of their sockets when he found a step mark of Josh’s new shoes.
    Unfortunately for him, Josh would kill for them.
    “I-I’m s-sorry, I-I didn’t m-mean t-to-
    When he heard the bell, he looked like a prisoner who was guilty had a life sentenced and was given a pay roll.
    Josh’s knuckles were stopped mid-air and was just a few inches away from that kid
    “You just got lucky” Josh snickered. Usually I would be the one saying that since I was the one who always got into trouble and they’ll be the one who’s going to stop me, if they can though.
    “Come on Josh, last thing I want is seeing that annoying hall monitor” I pulled him and went to our class.
    It was tedious as usual not that I was paying attention or anything until that girl from the hallway entered.* I think making grand entrances were her forte.
    “IMSORRYIMLATEIWASATTHEOFFICEMRSPARKER†she just literally said that all at once. And from then on I decided that I really am never going to talk to that crazy/weird girl, not that I was planning it.
    “Its okay Sarah, but next time don’t eat your words okay? Now go find your seat” Mrs. Parker said and continued her oh so boring lecture about I don’t know.
    I just put my earphones back to my ears and drowned myself with the music. Until someone annoying decided to poke me.
    “WHAT?!” I hissed. Clearly I*don’t*like being disturbed.
    “I want to sit*here*and well I can see that your bag isn’t a student so it has no rights to be sitting in a chair that was made for students” She even raised her eyebrow for emphasis.
    I would’ve trampled her already with her words. But like a puppet on strings I got my bag and put it beside me.*SH*T! Why did I fvckin do that?!?
    “Good, thanks” She said like I was a puppy who just followed her command
    I was throwing daggers with my glares but she just smiled at me.
    “I’m Sarah by the way, you must be Seth?” She casually said like we were friends, and like what I always do with those kind of greeting, I just rolled my eyes and ignored her.
    I thought she was going to say something like “jerk” or “bastard” or other adjectives that some people like to describe me. But instead she just kept on surprising me. Because the next thing I know I was being pestered by the most annoying creature that ever existed.
    I almost ran for my life when the bell came when I realized that*this*wasn’t me. I’m practically dreading the thought of leaving the premises because of her and that*never*happened. Even when Josh and the others got us caught on act by beating the hell out of somebody, I was feeling somewhat calm yet fidgety. Unlike this. I didn’t like the way she was so close to me. Like she was some kind of virus or something.
    Good thing Josh spotted me when I went out and grab me and pulled me to the cafeteria.
    Like the zoo, it was packed with students. And just like other schools it also has a status quo and we like to keep it that way.
    Luckily Josh kept on muttering some things that I really didn’t listen to though it just kept my mind occupied for the moment. And also I was busy eating down lunch like I didn’t eat for a century.
    The day ended pretty fast and that annoying girl stopped annoying me, which was great. Until she decided to do it again on the next following days.
    I really didn’t know if she liked me or she just wanted to pester me. She even said that she wanted me to be her friend.*Huh, that’s new
    She really had the guts to say it to me. Which really shocked me, though I didn’t tell her that of course. I mean she was a senior and she already knew my name, surely she would’ve known my reason for being so famous.
    “I’m a Mafia leader’s son and you want to be become my friend? Are you sure with that sweetheart?” and I showed her my famous grin that would usually make the girls pants fall off.
    But then again, instead of doing what I expected her to do, which was go run and hide her little *** off and wish that she never meet me in the first place, she smiled to me instead. A real one.
    “Yes, is there a problem with that?” she said and once again raised her eyebrows.
    I almost choked my burger when she said that. I raised my own and searched her eyes looking for answers. But I regretted the moment I did that. Her blue eyes were mesmerizing. As if caught in a trance I didn’t have the will power to look away.
    “Hey are you okay?” She snapped her fingers in front of me and that made me wake up my senses.*Okay? What in Hell just happened??!
    “What?!” I glared at her but she just kept her smile
    “Nothing, so can we be friends?” she said pleadingly
    I did my best not to look into her eyes to prevent myself from being in a daze again.
    “And why do you want to be my friend? You need something?” I smirked. They always do
    “Nope, why? Do I need something from a person to be his friend in the first place?” She caught my eyes and she stared at me waiting for my reply.
    I was caught off guard by her answer, because the answer would usually be a ‘Yes’. No one really wants to be someone’s friend without needing something from them. That’s just how it works usually.
    “Then I guess you see the world differently. There are those who’d just come and ask for something and then leave. But there are also those who never ask for anything yet they stay. And I guess I’m one of the later.”* She said as if she was reading my mind
    “How are you so sure that you don’t need anything? Anybody needs anything my Dear” I shook my head and laughed
    “Hmm, I guess you’re right. I do need something from you” I grinned.*Gotcha you sneaky little mouse
    “I know you do, so what will it be so that I can go on to my normal life without any annoyance” I spat sarcastically
    “I need you to be my friend” Well first I almost choked with my burger, but now it was my coke. This girl’s got to be kidding me
    “You’re*not*serious right?” I said as I wiped my mouth
    “Nope, I’m Sarah. I thought I told you that already?” She said while preventing herself from laughing
    “Ha-ha, very funny. Well let me put it to you straight Deary, I*DONT*want to be your friend. As in no, nada,*never”*I said emphasizing the last word.
    “Well I do, and you’re going to be my friend eventually. I know you want too” she said and left me
    “Whoa dude! Sarah seriously never leaves you! What does she want? It’s been weeks already and people are starting to talk” Josh said as they came in class
    “Yeah tell me about it. She keeps on ranting about being my friend” I said as I slouched down my table
    “Then? What’d you tell her?” Josh eyed me as if he was opening his Christmas gift from Santa
    I raised my eyebrow and regretted doing it.*GOD! I’m beginning to be like her!
    “Is that even a question? I said no and that will never happen” I said confidently
    But after a few weeks, I ate what I just said.
    One day, I was just walking around the campus looking for something to do because Josh and the others were at detention. After rounds around the school I finally decided to just lay down the tree near the school quadrangle.
    As I was about to put my earphones on to drown myself with music, I suddenly heard sobs of a girl crying.
    I looked around to see who it was but I saw no one. Thinking that it was a figment of my imagination caused by the heat I just ignored it, until I heard it again. I know that there were ghost stories surrounding the school, but I never believed them. In fact, we were the ones who invented them in the first place.
    But to my surprise the sobbing was actually from the other side of the tree which I was laying. When I turned to see who it was, I was surprised that the girl who always kept on pestering me with her annoying smiles and laughs would even cry.
    I didn’t know what to do. But the moment she lifted her gaze and met my eyes, I immediately wanted to kill someone. I didn’t know how to explain what I felt but at that instant, I just wanted to cradle her and tell her that everything’s going to be alright. In that instant I wanted to protect her. I’m going to kill anyone who hurts her.
    *I sat close to her and wiped the tears in her cheeks.
    “S-Seth?” she shakily tried to talk but I just put my finger on her lips to prevent her from talking. Just hearing her voice without the jolliness inside it made me angry.
    “Ssh, for once Sarah, don’t talk” I said and she did what I told her to. She just continued sobbing and I just traced circles at her back comforting her.
    I didn’t ask her anything, I just waited for her to relax and she did after a few minutes.
    She first wiped her face and sneezed in her sleeves. I smiled. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really a girl.
    “T-thanks Seth” She finally said before inhaling some air and exhaling them through her mouth.
    “No problem. Are okay now?” I asked and shrugged.
    “Yeah, you do know you sound concerned? Hehehe, just kidding. But really Seth, I appreciate it.” She said locking her gaze with mine.
    I sigh hearing her laugh again. It was like music to my ears.*Now I really sound gay.*And it’s because of her.
    I never asked her why she cried that day, and she never told me. I guess I’ll just know it someday.
    And well after seeing her at that state I finally gave in, and she became my friend. Josh even teased me about being a sissy because I just ate what I said in the end. But he also said that he liked Sarah being one of our friends. He said there was something about her that just made everything alright.
    I just couldn’t agree more. But later on, Sarah didn’t just became our friend, at the same time she turned into our own Principal. Whenever we got into fights, our ears would end up being pulled. I don’t know why but we don’t even fight back.
    She also became our guidance counsellor, being sons of Mafia leaders, Josh and I had a rough childhood. Eventually, Sarah figured out all about that and would help us express ourselves. She was always there when we needed her and we were the same with her.
    “Hey Seth look” Josh said as he passed me the soccer ball and pointed at Sarah’s direction. My blood immediately boiled when I saw some guy talking to her.
    Josh nudge me and I got what he was thinking. Just because Sarah turned out to be our own Principal and Shrink, doesn’t mean that we can’t become the over protective brothers. Though Josh keeps on teasing me that I liked Sarah more than that. I never admitted it. But Josh and I grew up together so I guess he got the message also.
    “SARAH HEADS UP!” I shouted at her at threw the ball at their direction. The douche was facing his back on us so he didn’t see what was coming unlike Sarah who was facing us.
    Like she always does, she swiftly catches the ball like a professional. One time I even joked around about letting her enter the team, but she said that if she did that, then our hall of fame would be full of her pictures.
    “That girl really is like a cat” Josh muttered and I just nodded as we saw Sarah leaving that douche and came over to our direction.
    “So who’s he?” I asked trying to keep it calm
    “Who? Bryan?” She asked innocently
    “No, the garbage collector that was behind you” I sarcastically answered as we made our way through the crowd
    “Ha-ha, very funny Seth. Nah, Bryan was just asking me if I had notes on Chemistry because he lost his” she said like she wasn’t even interested
    Josh almost tripped when he heard that. One does not simply ask Sarah Hawkins if she had notes.
    “SERIOUSLY? You’re joking right??! HAHAHAHA! Was he living under a rock??!” If we weren’t at school Josh would’ve been rolling in the floor by now.
    Sarah just rolled her eyes and prevented herself from laughing.
    “I know right? That guy must be on drugs or something to think that I would have notes” I just grinned at her remark.
    She was right. Sarah was actually not a bad student. She didn’t have any failing grades like us, but unlike us the teachers like her. One thing that they like about her is that even though she doesn’t listen in class or even take down notes she would still end up knowing the answer to their question.
    So after a few months of hanging out and Josh’s hundred demands and rants, I*finally*asked Sarah out.
    I was nervous at first thinking that she would just laugh at me asking me if I was high or anything. I already thought of a million reasons why she would say no and never thought of a single reason why she would yes.
    And well like what would Sarah usually do, she scolded me after I told her that I doubted that she would accept my invitation. She said and I quote “If you keep on thinking negatively, then great things will just be in front of you and you won’t notice it. Next time, just go with it and think of the consequences later. If you do that, you’ll definitely enjoy life”
    So that’s where it eventually began until we became official. Josh was happy for us and we were for him because he also, after being known as the infamous player of the school, he decided to go serious.
    Just like any other normal relationships also had our deal of fights, but at the end of the day we somehow managed to fix them, except for one particular fight that is.
    After being with Sarah, I can say that she is also just like any other girl that would be jealous out of stuffs that aren’t worth the time. It was the fight that lasted for a week. Usually when we fight Josh would never interfere but when had this fight he finally put his foot down and did what he thought was best.
    And what did he do? Well when Sarah and I had our fights we would just usually stay at our own houses and lock ourselves in there or go the Josh’s house but not at the same time.
    On the 5th day of our fight, Sarah and I still ignored each other, though all I wanted to do was just talk to her and tell her that it was my fault. But my pride won’t let me. Being bored at home, I decided to go to Josh’s house, he told me that his parents were away and no one else was there. Thinking that it was safe, I went to their house to find Sarah inside.
    She was just seating there at the couch when I entered. I could see from her eyes that she wasn’t sleeping well and she was crying. I wanted to punch myself at that moment and even kill myself for doing that to her. I wanted to run to her and hug her, but my egoistic self won’t move. So instead she just broke our contact and focused her attention on the T.V.
    I was about to look for Josh when I heard a sudden ‘click’ that was followed by another one, and another one and another one and so on and so forth. I think Sarah noticed that too as she turned to see what was going on.
    Bewildered, I found myself banging the doors and heard Josh outside holding the keys. So yes, he locked as up.
    “JOSH! OPEN THIS RIGHT NOW OR I’M GONNA BREAK THIS!” I Yelled as I tried to loosen the knobs, but he really planned it all well.
    “Try that and my father will kill you. You know how much he loves those doors, also Mom will kill you if you break her windows and you don’t want my Mom when she’s angry” Josh laughed
    He was right. His father would literally kill me. Even though our fathers were also great friends, he loved his doors more and I don’t know why.
    I gave up in frustration and unconsciously sat at the couch. After a few seconds, I realized my stupidity.
    The tension between us was so heavy that it could’ve beaten the weight that Kronos was lifting.
    I wanted to talk to her, tell her I’m sorry and everything but I didn’t know how. After a few minutes, she finally decided to break the ice.
    “S-Seth” She was stuttering. But hearing her say my name again made me feel alive again. And I hate to say it, but I know what was coming next.
    “I-I’m *sob* s-sorry- *sob**sob*
    I didn’t wait for my mind to process what was happening because I immediately pulled her into a hug.
    “No, don’t, just don’t say that-
    “Sarah” Saying her name was enough to make her pour out unto my chest. She was crying her eyes out and it was my fvcking fault! Damn!
    Like what I always do when she’s crying, I just trace circles at her back to calm her down.
    After that we both said our apologise*and admitted our mistakes. I was a jerk and I knew it. It was my fault but she kept on saying that it was hers. Before we had another fight on whose mistake it was Josh finally came inside and we both thanked him for doing it. It was great having them.
    We’ve been spending a lot of time together after that as always, with and without Josh, until graduation came.
    It was the day before graduation and we decided to hang out one last time before heading on different paths. I was going to New York to continue my studies there and she promised that she would join me. While Josh on the other side was going to Colombia. Yes its crappy and all, but that was what she wanted and she was so persistent on begging Josh and I. Yes, she really begged and that was when we caved in.
    So being her idea, she was the one who chose where we were going to.
    “Are we there yet?” Josh and I said in unison
    “Seriously? “ Well like I said, she was the one who knew where to go, so she was the one driving Josh’s car
    “Yup” Josh answered while I just smile to prevent myself from laughing
    After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at...
    “An Amusement Park? You got to be kidding right? The last time I was here was when Seth and I were still on diapers”*Josh retorted
    “Oh come on! PLEEEAAASSSEE!”
    Oh noooooo!
    As if reading each others’ mind Josh and I first glanced at each other, sighed, then looked at the most adorable/annoying/lovable creature ever made that now has her puppy dog eyes out and pouting.
    Seriously? Who can stand that??! Tell me!!!
    “Fine!” Well Josh and I would turn out to be great twins if that ever happened because we have the same thoughts all the time.
    So that was it, the three of us rode all the possible rides available. And Sarah wasn’t even contented with that and she dared us on an eating contest.
    “Dude, your girlfriend’s been abducted by aliens and she has been replaced by a monster” Josh whispered while we were waiting for Sarah outside the ladies room
    I just laughed at his comment and when Sarah came out she wondered what was up with our faces but as always we said ‘nothing’. And that’s when his girlfriend called him up saying she was going to pick him up and when left he just also left his car since that was what we rode in only.
    The moment that Josh left, I know something bad was up. I didn’t know why, I just felt that something was definitely wrong.* *
    Sarah and I were just walking around nowhere until she intertwined her fingers against mine and squeezed it a bit. I squeezed her back. Something really is wrong.
    "Well, I never saw it coming, I should have started running
    A long, long time ago
    And I never thought I'd doubt you, I’m better off without you
    More than you, more than you know"
    “You okay?” I asked her without looking at her
    “Hmm” that’s what she just answered and we continued walking until we reached the Ferris wheel.
    “Want to go for another ride before we go?” I asked her and as a reply she just immediately pulled me towards the ride
    When we were at the top she suddenly kissed me. I mean I love kissing Sarah, but something in my gut told me that something was off and I think she noticed it when I flinched.
    “Sarah? What’s wrong? Is there something that you want to tell me?” I asked but she didn’t move. She didn’t even looked at me
    “Sarah look at me” I lifted her chin and saw that there were already tears forming in her eyes
    “S-Seth...” she trailed off.
    “Sarah?? Why are you crying? What’s wrong? Tell me?!” I was practically panicking. She was crying for Pete’s Sake! And I didn’t know why!
    She gathers all her bearings first and inhaled a great amount of air before she spoke. Her voice was calm and gentle, but what she said rapidly broke my heart into pieces.
    “Seth... tomorrow after graduation... I’m leaving... I’m not going to New York anymore... I changed my mind... I’m sorry... But we can’t continue what we have now... We need to break up... I- I don’t love*you*anymore. I l-love s-someone*e-else”
    I didn’t move. It was like all my life force was sucked out of me. After a few seconds I began to process it...
    “HAHAHA! T-that was funny! Y-you almost h-had me t-there you know!” I tried my best but my tears betrayed me.
    “S-Sarah, your just j-joking r-right??” She didn’t respond
    “SARAH! LOOK AT ME!” she was startled when I shouted and cried again
    “I-Its o-over S-Seth” she whimpered between her sobs
    I lost it. I didn’t know what to do or say anymore. Until I remembered something.
    “T-then tell me. T-tell it straight at my face t-that you don’t love me. – Say it!” I shouted seeing that she wasn’t moving at all.
    She looked at me, locked her eyes with mine and said the words that I regretted asking her to say.
    <Sarah’s POV>
    Damn! I really hate Tuesday’s! Because*unfortunately*it’s the day where we’re supposed to wear this annoying uniforms. I love our ordinary uniforms actually, but the Tuesdays are just too much! I look like an Asian cosplayer who’s wearing a maid costume. And it’s all because our owner fell in love with those maid-cafe restaurants when she visited Japan. I love my aunt who is the owner, but I literally cursed that day.
    “Hey Sarah, can you clean the tables outside? Faye needs my help at kitchen at the moment” my co-waitress and friend Belle said. And with that I was back to reality. Yeah I work for my aunt now, but it’s just for the mean time since I’m bored
    “WHAT??! It’s freezing outside! You got to be kidding me Belle” but her pleading eyes gave me no choice
    So I just went outside and cleaned the tables, it was freezing but I just let my body feel the cold air surrounding me until someone just pulled me by the waist.
    Please don’t kill me.*I said to myself as I stiffened. I heard there were criminals on the loose but I didn’t know they were really running everywhere.
    I looked to see who that person was wishing that I can still go home in one piece later.
    I felt the blood leave my face as I recognized who it was. I wished it was just a serial killer and not him.
    “S-Seth? W-what are you doing here?” of course I stuttered and he immediately pulled away as he saw my reaction to what he just did. I heard him whisper something but it wasn’t audible enough.
    “I was just passing by and I noticed you” he said firmly as if stating a fact. He’s still arrogant. But?
    “O-oh, so why did you do t-that?” I blushed remembering what he did
    *“Your uniform is*too*short and some perverts were passing by, I guess it was your right to know that” he said coldly right at my face.
    For a second smile curled into my face and was immediately gone the moment I saw him scowl.
    “Oh, uhm thanks” I muttered as I pulled my uniform down.
    “Okay. Bye” he immediately said and left.
    After seeing him leave I broke down and cried.*
    "I'm slowly getting closure; I guess it’s really over
    I'm finally getting better
    And now I'm picking up the pieces, spending all of these years
    Putting my heart back together"

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