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    Default Compiled How to Upload Thread

    For aspiring uploaders

    • When uploading to osddl DO NOT USE numbers at the beginning of the filename.
    • Use the html version when uploading on osddl

    For those who want to contribute to OS and become yewow here's a compiled guide of accepted methods for uploading anime/drama into OS.

    *Any of the methods used here is accepted, you just need to pick the method you find most comfortable with
    *If any other seasoned uploaders use another method to upload pm me I'll add it here (It will show as your post just like the other methods below) just make sure that your method can stream on os without problems AND that the finished filesize for the anime is similar to bencos. (Abt 50-60MB for a 24 minute anime)
    *All uploads must now be uploaded to
    *This has been overlooked lately but now will be enforced again. Starting now, all incomiong uploaders must MUST upload at least 12 episodes before you will be given the Uploader color
    *To those uploaders with less than 100 uploads we will be changing you to inactive uploaders soon btw. So for those who want to keep the uploader color better get it up to 100.

    Table of Contents:
    Links will open a new tab. You can scroll down if you want though.

    For any questions and clarifications feel free to use this thread: Link
    For seasoned uploaders you may answer the questions if you're familiar with the problem. :)

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    Classic Method (Credit goes to avich)
    So how can you be an uploader? You can upload even without the uploader status. Here's how.

    Programs you will need.

    1) Alltoavi
    2) Bencos Updated!! (08/15/13)
    3) Megamanager (optional)

    EDIT: Please remember that before you can turn yellow you must upload and pm a minimum of 12 videos and that you need to keep uploading until 100 videos otherwise you will be turned into an inactive uploader

    Part I. Preparing the Video for Bencos

    First you have to determine what format your video is. The easiest for me to determine the video type is to unhide extensions for known file type

    To do this, just go to:
    -->Tools-->Folder Option --> View Tab --> Uncheck Hide extensions for known file type


    1) If its mkv
    You have to convert it to avi using alltoavi. Here are the steps:

    1) After opening alltoavi, click on 'Add File', and select the mkv video


    2) It will most likely say:
    'H.264 Video detected! Do you want AlltoAvi to more restricted special
    Just click yes.


    3) Another window will show saying 'H.264 Mode require the use of No Skip Option, please choose a Frame rate'
    Just click Ok.


    4) For video Bitrate, input 1200.
    5) For subtitle, select in the option box '0'
    6) Same for Audio as well, '0'


    7) Select the No Skip option window
    8) See what AlltoAvi Suggested FPS and check the box close to that number and click Ok.


    9) Go back to the Convertion window and click 'Add Job'
    10) Click Convert!


    2) If its in RMVB format

    1.) Open AlltiAvi and drag the video inside.


    2) A window will show saying 'Alltoavi could not determine the parameters of the video, please manually specify'
    Just press Ok


    3) Now the AlltoAvi doesn't detect the screen size of the video, so you have to manually set it.

    -When the video is in wide screen(the rectangle one), set the screen size to 704x400.


    -When the video has normal screen (the square one), set the screen size to 640x480


    4)Set the video codec to 'XVID'
    5) Select Software Scaler 'to Bi Cubic'
    6) Set Bitrate to '1200'
    7) Set Audio Bitrate to '128'
    8) Set Subtitle to '-1'
    9) Set Audio to '-3'

    10) Click Add and then Convert!

    3) If its in Avi or Mp4 then you can proceed to the next step.

    Part II. Converting the video to mp4 using Bencos.
    Even though the video is already in mp4 format, you still have to reconvert it in BENCOS. Assuming your video is already in avi or mp4 format, proceed to the following steps.

    1) Open up bencos and go to files tab


    2) right click by your mouse in this window and add the files you wish to encode. (Notice that you can add many eps here.)


    3) The C:\ is the directory were bencos will output the encoded files, be sure to check if there is enough space there (you can change the directory of course)


    4) Go to Settings Tab and change the following settings:

    -Source: Generic
    -Container: MPEG-4
    -Video codec: MPEG4 AVC
    -Audio codec: AAC HE+PS
    -Video Quality: Normal
    -Video Bitrate: 300
    -Audio Bitrate: 48(check stereo)


    5) Now for resize. To know the exact ratio, open AlltoAvi, add the video. In Screensize, make sure you check the Locked Aspect Ratio box. In the first box(width), change that to 512. The height will automatically be set. Copy that value and go back to bencos



    6) check resize and replace it with the copied values. Ex. 512:384


    7) Go to status tab, then click Start.

    C. Uploading
    For your convenience and ours, you can upload the converted video to After Uploading, PM me or Jbluey the links, after we verify the upload, we will change your status to Uploader.

    (No longer Needed) You can use the program called MegaManager instead of using your browser for uploading. The advantage of using megamanager is that it has a resume function. So even if you got disconnected, your upload wont go back to 0%.

    Method#2 How to convert MKV/OGM with the best quality

    Extra software needed.
    1) AviSynth 2.5
    2) Aegisub
    3) OGM Cleaver
    4) MKV Toolnix

    1st - Software preparations

    Install the following softwares. For OGM Cleaver, you have to extract the contents on the desired directory you want to put it.

    Open OGM Cleaver and click on 'Find MKVToolnix', it would probably find the folder itself but if it didn't, locate the MKVToolnix directory and click Okay.
    2nd - Extract subs

    Open OGM Cleaver and aclick on 'Open OGM/MKV files to process' button. Select the MKV or OGM file. On the right panel, uncheck everything except the subtitle that you are going to use for encoding.

    Click on 'Extract tracts' button. (You can add multiple files as long as they have similar tracks structure.)

    You will know when it is done when the processing section (left panel) is empty

    The .srt or .*** (subtitle files that are extracted from the video) is on the same directory as the mkv/ogm file
    3rd - Convert video to avi using alltoavi

    Convert video to avi without subtitles 1200 bitrate for video and 128 bitrate for sound. Do not resize. Also make sure you chose the right audio.(If you don't know how to use alltoavi, please refer to the top tutorial)

    4th - Prepare script
    Open notepad and paste this code

    In LoadPlugin, type the location of 'vsfilter.dll' (a component of aegisub) inside the quotes. ex.(LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\Aegisub\csri\vsfilter.dll")) If you have installed aegisub by default then the directory would be "C:\Program Files\Aegisub\csri\vsfilter.dll"
    In AVISource, type the location of the avi you have recently converted using alltoavi inside the quotes.
    In TextSub, type the location of the extracted subtitle (.srt or .***) of the video inside the quotes.

    Save the file as '<avi video name>.avs' and save it on the same directory as the avi file.
    avi file is "School_Rumble_01.avi", so the script file would be, 'School_Rumble_01.avs'
    5th - Convert to mp4 using bencos

    Resize the video to a 512px width. Please refer to alltoavi of the proper ratio.

    Video Bitrate should 290 (this is standard to all videos regardless if it is action or not)

    Audio bitrate is 48

    Instead of adding the avi file to convert, add the avs file instead

    Choose the directory you want to save the file

    Start converting

    Method#3 How to Convert avi/mp4 into streamable mp4

    Extra software needed.
    1) SUPER Converter (Install after download)
    2) MP4 Box (Extract all contents inside bencos folder. Allow replacing of existing files)

    1st - File Locations

    First you need to determine the locations of these following files/folders and place them in a notepad for convinience:

    1) Location of 'mencoder' folder inside SUPER Converter folder (where SUPER Converter is installed)
    2) Location of mp4 Box inside bencos folder (where bencos is installed)
    3) Location of the video file(avi,mp4) you want to convert

    Note: When saving the locations on the notepad, put them in quotes ("")

    2nd - Converting video using mencoder
    1) open up notepad and copy/paste the following code in it
    mencoder "input" -ovc x264 -oac faac -faacopts br=64:mpeg=4: object=2 -channels 2 -srate 48000 -o "output" -vf scale=512:384 -x264encopts deblock=1,1:bframes=5:frameref=5:threads=2:b_pyram id:nofast_pskip:nopsnr:crf=22:8x8dct:weight_b:mixe d_refs:me=umh:partitions=all:subq=7:trellis=1
    2) replace "input" with the location of the video file you saved earlier
    3) replace "output" with the file name you want for the video after conversion ex: "anime_01.mp4"
    4) check if the resize ration is correct in 'scale=512:384' using alltoavi (check previous tutorials on how to check for the proper resize ratio)
    Example based on the screenshot above:
    mencoder "E:\Multimedia\My Videos\Mamotte Shugogetten\[A-Flux] Mamotte Shugogetten 01 [A7C7704F].avi" -ovc x264 -oac faac -faacopts br=64:mpeg=4: object=2 -channels 2 -srate 48000 -o "Mamotte_Shugogetten_01.mp4" -vf scale=512:384 -x264encopts deblock=1,1:bframes=5:frameref=5:threads=2:b_pyram id:nofast_pskip:nopsnr:crf=22:8x8dct:weight_b:mixe d_refs:me=umh:partitions=all:subq=7:trellis=1
    5) open command prompt by going to (windows xp)start menu --> run --> and type cmd
    6) type cd "location of mencoder of SUPER converter" and press ENTER. example: (cd "C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\mencoder")

    TIP: to paste a text, right-click inside the command prompt and select paste

    7) paste your recently modified code inside the command prompt and press ENTER

    Wait for the video to finish converting
    3rd - Making the converted video streamable
    There are two ways of doing this. One is through converting the newly converted video in bencos, and two is to use mp4box to make it streamable. I won't explain how to convert it using bencos because I would assume you would know that by now. I will just explain how to convert it using the mp4box.

    1) Copy the newly converted video from the mencoder folder into the bencos folder
    2) Open command prompt and type cd "Location of bencos" Example: (cd "C:\Program Files\Bencos")

    NOTE: Replace all "video" with the actual video file name.

    3) type mp4box -aviraw video "video.mp4" and press ENTER. The extracted video file would be something like this ("video.h264")
    4) type mp4box -aviraw audio "video.mp4" and press ENTER. The extracted audio file would be something like this ("video.raw")
    5) Rename audio "video.raw" to "video.acc". Make sure the you change the extension type. If you can't see it, (Windows XP)Go to tools --> folder options --> View tab --> Uncheck Hide extensions for known file type[/b]
    6) type mp4box -add "video.mp4" -add "video.acc" "video_streamable.mp4". Replace video_streamable withe a desired file name, make sure its different from the original video file.

    If above method doesn't work, convert it using bencos.

    -Nov 07, 2009
    ---Updated tutorial
    -Nov 06, 2009
    ---reformatted tutorial
    -Sept 06, 2009
    Added a new tutorial
    -May 24, 2009
    ---Updated Bencos Link
    -Aug 27, 2012
    ---Updated Uploading Site

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

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    Tilapia Method (Credit goes to Tilapia)
    EDIT: Please remember that before you can turn yellow you must upload and pm a minimum of 12 videos and that you need to keep uploading until 100 videos otherwise you will be turned into an inactive uploader

    Read Me First!:
    Just in case you'll skip through most of the information below, If you have completed conversion from avi to mp4 you HAVE TO still convert the video with bencos, this will never change. Before uploading any video into OS you MUST convert the video to mp4 on Bencos. After that upload it to and submit a link to the admins jbluey, avich, Bindu1000 so that they may add your uploads.

    For those who find using alltoavi hard to use and want an alternative try reading through this guide. This would be abit long because I prefer that you understand what I want to tell you. But I can assure you that if you read through all this converting vids would be a breeze for you ;)

    I know the how to upload thread uses alltoavi as a standard to converting videos to avi but I prefer the converter I’ve been using since before I was even an uploader, it’s called formatfactory…so why do I use FF? it’s because it’s very user-friendly and at the same time also has options for the more techy people. Here is the download link for it and btw its free :D Format Factory Version 2.6(Make sure you choose version 2.6) why did I stress on free? cuz its very useful as a converter not only for videos. And its all free :3

    Alright so on to converting. If you’re video is already avi and mp4 skip this part.

    This is formatfactory. As an example I will use an episode of yu-gi-oh for converting.
    Spoiler :  

    Now if here’s what you do if you’re video is not in .avi or .mp4 format. First click on the video tab
    Spoiler :  

    Then click on all to AVI
    Spoiler :  

    And this screen will appear
    Spoiler :  

    Now Click this button
    Spoiler :  

    Now choose the videos you want to convert and click on OK
    Spoiler :  

    Then click on Output Setting
    Spoiler :  

    Credit goes to IrishMonkee for the following link :D

    Use this Aspect Ratio Calculator to find out what size to resize your video in formatfactory~

    Place the width of your video on the X1 Field and the height of your video on the Y1 field then place 512 on the X2 field, the red box on the picture below. And you should automatically see the height for Y2 on the green box.

    For example, on the picture below the size is 1024x768, where X1 is 1024 and Y1 is 768, If you place 512 on X2, Y2 becomes 512.
    Spoiler :  

    So take note of the height for your video once you've put in 512 on the y2 field for the size of the video you want to convert.

    Before we continue, the reason why we resize it to 512 and have different values for the height is because OS uses 512 as its default width for all of its vids. Now the reason the height varies is because we keep the aspect ratio of the video to keep it from looking weird XD.

    Now that we have the height (width would always be and I repeat ALWAYS be 512 :D), Go back to format factory and I assume its still on output setting…now select the text on the Video Size part of the window (see the pic below) erase the word default and type there 512x___. Put the height you copied awhile ago from alltoavi in that blank XD. Then hit OK
    Spoiler :  

    You will be brought back to this window…just click on OK
    Spoiler :  

    Now Click on the Start button as seen below…now the default place where FF stores its conversions is usually at My Documents and its called FFOutput Whatever you converted there you will use it to convert in bencos and upload :D
    Spoiler :  

    Now that we’re done with FF, we go onwards to bencos…nothing much changes here except you don’t resize the video anymore if you’ve converted with FF, if you skipped through FF because the video is mp4 or avi just go to the settings that and check on resize then replace the values with 512:___ and insert the height you got from the link above. No need for pictures as this step is the same as the how to upload thread found here.

    Note: If you're using mkv chances are the video won't show subtitles because they are just muxed into the file (Soft Subbed). In order to hardsub the files a solution would be to use CCCP which you can download from Here. Don't worry about viruses btw, I uploaded that file lol. Now all you need to do is to convert the mkv file into an avi using format factory and I am 100% sure that the subtitles would show up. BUT you must use the link I provided above. Sadly, version 3.0 and above doesn't convert videos with the subtitles, anyways with this you should be able to hardsub videos.

    The following text is evil105's credit goes to him ;) you need VLC media player to do this btw and its also free just google it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by evil105 View Post
    Another thing in the part where it say "Subtitle Stream Index." I use VLC media player and there is already option in the "Video" > "Subtitle Track" and it show how many subtitles there inside the video... subtitles have number like none = no subtitle , 1 = 1st subtitle ..etc right? So shouldn't we put it on the exact subtitle there?

    Advice for people: Sometimes the subtitle font is too big and you can play with the "Subtitle Font Size" to make it abit smaller if it's abit big or bigger if it's small. (I used this when I was converting Black Lagoon Omake since the subtitles were abit large to cover 1/5 the video)
    Credit goes to bloodyrein

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodyrein View Post
    Just an additional install the newest CCCP Codec here just to support converting Hi10p quality videos since most but not all fansubbers are now using Hi10p encodes for their 720p resolution videos since the fansubbing industry were the first to pick up Hi10p I think and only some releases their xvid (.avi) videos. and it takes a day or two after actual release before others reencode it to xvid quality

    then after installing click the windows button on the task bar then click all programs then look for combined community codec pack folder then click the filters folder then click Haala Media Splitter Settings

    Windows button --> All Programs --> Combined Community Codec Pack --> Filters --> Haali Media Splitter Settings

    then while in the Haala Media Splitter Settings then go

    Options --> Output --> Use Custom Media type for H.264 (make the value below Yes) --> then click Apply

    hope this helps

    and a suggestion in converting is to extract the subs before converting into format factory for better sub clarity :D use mkvextractGUI from mkvtoolnix the tutorial is found in the old how to upload thread
    I hope this thread helped you guys ;) Please press the thanks button if you found this useful ;) So that i know if this long piece of text was worth typing :))

    Guys I'm a retired staff member, don't come to me for username changes anymore xD its funny having to reply to personal messages 3 months old HAHAHA

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    Youtube/Simplified Method (Credit goes to error345)

    Hi Guys,

    This is a simple tutorial for our newbie Uploaders.

    Spoiler :  

    How to encode videos?

    Well kobowo did a really long tutorial on this, I'll just simplify it.

    .mkv to .avi in Format Factory
    • .mkv carries soft subs, when using Format Factory you'll lose the original subtitle format (colors and font) and it'll take FF default format.
    • Using "System decoder (avisynth)" retains original sub format but most times gives error.
    • To learn to avoid this use Dab's tutorial on avidemux here

    .avi to .mp4 in Old Bencos or New bencos (I prefer the old.)

    Uploading videos to

    After you have converted your video to .mp4 you can now upload it to osddl


    Dark Clouds in the sky With spells and witchcraft
    I'm chained below
    Kimi ni todoke // Lovely complex // Shiki // Ghost Hunt ..

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    Harsubbing Dramas (Credit goes to CloverLeaf)
    First, you have to download the requirements.
    1.) DiVxLand Media Subtitler -
    2.) VirtualDub -

    I already compressed VirtualDub here and you just have to extract it. Make a folder in your Program Files (or any location that you will easily remember) folder in your hard disk and extract the contents of the rar file there.

    DivXLand Media Subtitler
    Media Subtitler is just used to convert the SRT file subtitle to SSA.

    1.) Open Media Subtitler. Go to File > Open text or subtitle
    2.) Go to Settings > Format Settings, then a window will appear. Choose Substation Alpha.
    You can customize the Font Size and Font Color of your subtitles. You can choose any legible font style (Trebuchet, Arial Bold, Verdana, Comic Sans or any easily readable font style) and font color as long as it will not be an eyesore. The ideal color is white or dirty white (yellowish white). Just adjust the font size for it to be proportional to the video. You can adjust the Outline color and Shadow as well. I use 2 for Outline and 2 for Shadow and I use black color for the outline.
    3.) Go to File > Save as..
    Choose Substation Alpha [SSA] then click OK. Remember where you will save the SSA file.
    4.) You can close Media Subtitler now.


    1.) Open the VirtualDub folder and find VirtualDub application and open it.
    2.) Go to File > Open Video file.
    Choose the video that you want the subtitles to be embedded with. If a pop-up window appears, just click OK.
    3.) Go to the*Video*menu and select*Filters...
    Click the*Add...*button.
    Select the*subtitler*filter and click*OK.
    After you click*OK, the*Subtitler Configuration*dialog should appear. Click the "..." button and browse to the SSA file you have previously saved with the SubStation Alpha editor.
    Click*Show Preview*to see how your subtitles will appear in the encoded video. Below you can see the result of our subtitles with the settings specified earlier in DivXLand Media Subtitler. You can just click anywhere on the bar on the Preview window to find the scene with subtitles.
    After you close the Preview window, click the OK on the Subtitler: Configuration window. And click OK as well on the Filters window.

    Spoiler :  

    4.) Under*Video*select*Full Processing Mode, and under*Audio*select*Direct Stream Copy.
    Go to Video > Compression and choose Xvid MPEG-4 Codec and click OK.
    Spoiler :  

    Go to File > Save as AVI then select location.
    It will appear like this:

    The main window has 2 panels, the left side has the raw video and the right one has the raw video with subtitles being embedded. The small window shows the progress of the embedding process.
    Spoiler :  

    Then after the embedding process, check the video. It’s now hardsubbed. You can proceed to the usual converting process on AlltoAvi (to check the length and width) and Bencos (to convert to MP4).

    Take note: After Bencos conversion, check the MP4 output. If it’s a bit off-sync, delete that file, and re-convert the hardsubbed video to AlltoAVI. Then proceed to Bencos. It should be fine now.

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    *This thread is meant to share my knowledge and experience in encoding using many encoders. I'm not an expert so any advice and help would be helpful and much appreciated. I will update this thread when i have something new to share. Be sure to subscribe to this thread for upcoming update.*

    Handbrake Tutorial
    (Those who lurk or a stalker will get this benefit)

    [Updated 0.01 - Revising on video and audio option]
    [Updated 0.02 - Revising on making the output to mp4 easier]
    [Updated 0.03 - Added some important info]
    [Updated 0.04 - Removing the need of external codec info]
    [Updated 0.05 - Added a fact that you can queue multiple video]
    [Updated 0.06 - Added some recommendation and extra info]
    [Updated 0.07 - Posted my version of HB that i use when making this tutorial (9/2/2013)]
    [Updated 0.08 - Updated my HB to latest one, and posted a guide on how to use the new setting (10/2/2013)]
    [Updated 0.09 - Edited the text to make it easier to understand (16/2/2013)]
    [Updated 0.10 - Edited the link for download since HB site is all new now (11/6/2013)]
    [Updated 0.11 - Edited the audio bitrate. Should fix the hissing issue (12/6/2013)]
    [Updated 0.12 - Edited again the audio bitrate. Forgot to differentiate stereo and mono setting (13/6/2013)]
    [Updated 0.13 - Putting my recommendation for video and audio setting (13/6/2013)]
    [Updated 0.14 - added info about MP4 and M4V (1/7/2013)]
    [Updated 0.15 - added little info on reference frames and b-frames (10/7/2013)]
    [Updated 0.16 -Fix the audio setting to use HE-AAC (FDK) since the issue of broken audio (hissing,metallic sounds like) in latest HB update.
    - Putting some remark on the setting (11/7/2014)]
    [Updated 0.17 - Adding step to "Remove/Untick" chapter markers in HB regarding the issue of infinite buffer (24/7/2014)]

    I have put this in my user note for quite awhile and a few know about it, so i think it is time i share it to the public.

    Handbrake, the encoder that can directly turn mkv to mp4. I believe this is what almost all the uploader here want. If you want to know more about handbrake, you can google it and visit their main site.

    Handbrake also can be use to do a mini-encode of your video with a right setting. Basically, you can get a high quality video with a small size, thus saving up space. Sounds good enough isn't?

    What handbrake can do in simple term is basically this :

    MKV --> MKV
    MKV --> MP4
    Any Video Container --> MKV/MP4


    As always, fetch the handbrake installer first. We will be using nightly builds of handbrake for this one as its more updated so less bugs and more updated encoding tools.

    The nightly build version that i use for this tutorial (UPDATED by 11/7/2014) :

    (I don't know if the latest one introduce a new setting or so..but no matter what HB you used, the method is similar, all you need to do is IMPROVISE.)

    Go to this site --> https:/
    and fetch the latest windows version of nightly build. Pick the Graphical User Interface (GUI) version not the Command Line Interface (CLI) version.

    If you want to try the CLI go ahead.
    Jokes aside, if you are confident in your programming skill then go ahead use the CLI, but this thread is dedicated for GUI-based handbrake. I can't help any of you in CLI-based HB. Spare my programming skill...

    From my sensei, HB is a standalone GUI and doesn't need to use system codec and .dlls (except system font of course) i guess you don't need any external codec. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in HB.

    Notes from HB itself : (after thoroughly reading)

    HandBrake does not support external encoders. It is not possible to add an encoder to HandBrake at runtime. All the encoder libraries are built in and not dynamically linked/loaded at runtime.
    Moving on~


    Once installed and run, you will get something like this..

    Spoiler :  

    You will see those 7 tabs below and there is where we will play with our settings.

    1. Select/Click on Source and Open any video you want to encode..there is 3 ways. Feel free to try those other 2 ways later I will be using my Puchimas! video as an example.

    Spoiler :  

    2. Now in picture tab, set anamorphic from "strict" to "none" so that you can freely edit your video resolution here. The crop function at the right is for cropping..well mostly used to remove that black borders like you always see in the movie.

    OS recommended size : 512x288

    Spoiler :  

    3. Now moving on Video filters. I rarely use this, and if one thing, i only use denoise to remove some of those noise-grain like..and thus reducing the file-size and still maintain the quality. I will just dump info i got on for each filters with a link. Read if you want to know more. Reading enriches your brain.

    Spoiler :  

    Feel like trolling? Click "Greyscale" and your video will go back time to the 60's where TV still don't have color.

    4. Ok, moving on to Video tab. Make sure..

    Video Codec : H.264
    Framerate : Same as source

    and pick constant framerate as we want to upload it on OS. does not matter either it is constant or variable. Your choice~

    There is 2 way of encoding in HB, constant bitrate and average bitrate.
    If you want to use constant bitrate, then use in between 23-25.
    The lower the better but higher file size.

    If you want to use average bitrate, then use in between 300-600.
    The higher the better but higher file size.
    This is similar like bencos. Make sure to tick the, 2-pass encoding and turbo 1st pass.

    If it was me, i prefer using average bitrate as i can predict the filesize at the end.
    My recommended bitrate is 380 - 400, as it give an average video size around 70mb+ for 30 minutes video.

    Spoiler :  

    In the latest build, under frame rate, there is Optimise video option :

    basically this is the simplified version of advanced tab. If you don't want to use the advanced tab setting, this setting here will do everything for you. It pretty much self-explanatory, but i will further explain it.

    Notice the "Use advanced tab instead"?
    Tick the box if you don't want to use this optimise video setting, and proceed to the advanced tab.

    x264 preset (hover on it and info will pop out)

    - Range : Medium to Very Slow
    (Do not choose placebo, it is pointless to make the encode too slow just for a small amount of compression that you may not notice at all)

    - Why : the slower the preset, the better the compression of the video (though it depends on that video itself). Better quality and smaller filesize, but the time to encode increase.

    x264 Tune

    option :

    If anime or cartoon, choose Animation.
    If drama, movie, 3D animation, or live action, choose Film

    I don't know about others, but it is some what self-explanatory again.

    Grain : For grainy video, most probably suit for old film?
    Still Image : For video that use static image, no motion?

    For others i don't know much about it, you can check handbrake guide for further explanation.

    x264 Profile
    you can read about Profile and Level here : H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

    option :

    Profile : High

    Why : The primary profile for broadcast and disc storage applications, particularly for high-definition television applications (for example, this is the profile adopted by the Blu-ray Disc storage format and the DVB HDTV broadcast service).
    -copy and paste from the link-

    Basically, we need it in High Definition profile.

    x264 Level

    option :

    Level : Auto

    Why : I still don't understand the function of this level in x264 yet so auto is the easiest option.

    From the wiki,
    Previously encoded pictures are used by H.264/AVC encoders to provide predictions of the values of samples in other pictures. This allows the encoder to make efficient decisions on the best way to encode a given picture. At the decoder, such pictures are stored in a virtual decoded picture buffer (DPB).

    For example, for an HDTV picture that is 1920 samples wide (PicWidthInMbs = 120) and 1080 samples high (FrameHeightInMbs = 68), a Level 4 decoder has a maximum DPB storage capacity of Floor(32768/(120*68)) = 4 frames (or 8 fields) when encoded with minimal cropping parameter values. Thus, the value 4 is shown in parentheses in the table above in the right column of the row for Level 4 with the frame size 1920×1080.

    and another the extra options,
    i'm sorry i don't know what is the function of it yet..but from what i understand this is where you put other H.264 function. A skill in programming word is actually needed in here, i guess?

    but i think it is okay. This extra option is just optional.

    5. Then, let's move to the next tab at the right, Audio tab.
    Vorbis audio codec will only appear in MKV container mode.
    You can add other audio by pressing "Add" button if your anime is dual-audio.

    HE-AAC is the best codec so far in mp4 mode, so use HE-AAC (FDK).
    As for bitrate,

    Most of the time i will just pick Auto mixdown unless it is more than 2 channel like Blu-ray encode that have 5.1 channel or more. That one need a mixdown to stereo or mono.

    For stereo mixdown,

    96 bit is better for anime like clannad.
    112 bit is normal (RECOMMENDED for all)
    128 bit is better for anime that has tons of action and fast scene.

    although, if want the best go for 128.
    My suggestion for OS?
    Use audio bitrate value -- 112 (it give off average 20mb+ audio file size for 30 minutes video)
    You can choose lower than that. It is up to you.

    For mono mixdown,

    32 bit is better for anime like clannad.
    48 bit is normal (RECOMMENDED for all)
    64 bit is better for anime that has tons of action and fast scene.

    If want the best go for 64.
    My suggestion for OS?
    Use audio bitrate value -- 48+ (it give off average 10-15mb+ audio file size for 30 minutes video)
    You can choose lower than that. It is up to you.

    The higher it is, more loud and detail the audio.Of course the background sound and OST will sound better, but higher filesize.

    Though be careful of your choice, if the original audio is already bad, choosing higher bitrate, will just make it sound even worse.

    For mixdown, choose mixdown to mono.
    You can choose stereo if you want.
    Mono is one way audio. Stereo is left and right speaker audio..something like that as far as i understand..but it also affect your filesize.

    If your video has 5.1 audio channel or higher, it is better to mixdown the audio to mono to make sure you can properly hear all sound from each channel in mono audio. (Work best if you want to encode FLAC audio)

    and the sample rate, either choose "Auto" or check mediainfo of your video and check the audio samplerate.
    Most of the anime video is 48.

    Spoiler :  

    6. On Subtitle tab, Click "Add".
    You can actually add a numbers of subtitle in your video.
    (Work best if you want to encode your video in MKV container)

    Make sure to click "Burn in" to hard-sub the subtitle onto the video.

    This work best for video with higher resolution..but for low resolution like [email protected] shiny fiesta that i uploaded before the same method cannot be applied..

    If the subtitle is black and white it is ok..but since it is color..burning the sub onto it looks really bad.
    That's why i had to use another way to hard-sub the video instead of just "burn" it.

    Be sure to NOT click "Burn in" if you intended to put a lot of subtitle.
    (If you intend to encode for yourself or sharing with others)

    Spoiler :  

    7. In Chapter tab, usually the Sub-group already provide the chapter in their video, so you can actually skip it, but if you want to add another chapter..use import. Export is use to extract the chapter.

    See those black line in Media Player Classic?
    That is the function of the chapter to tell where is the prologue, opening and such.

    Although for uploading to OS, make sure to UNTICK the creation of chapter markers. It is a known issue if you have chapters in your uploaded video, the OS player can't play it. Infinite loading issue if i were to name one.


    8. Finally we arrived to the crucial part in encoding in HB, setting the H.264 in the Advanced tab. (If you did tick the "Use Advanced Tab Instead" before in the video tab)

    Usually when you hover to the option, a pop-up balloon appear giving you the info about its function. Therefore i won't explain much in detail about it.

    See the preset at the right?
    Spoiler :  

    For normal preset, it will looks like this and actually enough for normal and casual encoding.
    Spoiler :  

    For High Profile preset, it will looks like this and this is the average encoding quality you can give for your anime, and we will use this preset as a base.
    Spoiler :  

    This is the preset i used for low-end PC
    Spoiler :  

    I will explain certain part,

    Adaptive Direct Mode

    Spatial : recommended for animation
    Temporal : recommended for live action or 3D animation
    Automatic : If you are lazy to determine it..because some story involve both animation and 3D.
    Adaptive Quantization Strength

    By default, it is 1.0, it won't be shown in command line box. It is a good value for action anime which improves the detail of the line use in action.

    For regular anime,
    Make sure the Adaptive Quantization Strength is drag to left until "aq-strength" at the command line box, below the setting show 0.6.
    You can experiment value between 0.6 - 1.0 to see which value is better for your video.

    Subpixel Motion Estimation : (This affect your encoding speed)

    By default, you can use value 7 that actually is enough.
    If you aim for better quality, set it higher..10 is the best choice, and most anime encoder or sub-group use value 10.

    If you feel your PC/laptop can handle it, which it can..just like my netbook

    (prepare for despair...OTL the pain..)

    You can change this setting below to this value. (This affect your encoding speed)

    Reference Frames : 16
    Maximum B-Frames : 8
    Motion Est Range : 32

    Oh yeah the above setting is suitable if you want to make mini-HD video and keep it to yourself.
    If you want to upload the video into OS, make sure..

    Reference Frames : between 3-10
    Maximum B-frames : between 5-8

    and, after all that, in the preset box at the right, click "Add" button below to add your preset for easier configuration later.

    9. Before queue your video, make sure the output setting container is MP4 and click the "web-optimized".
    and be sure to set your destination before that. Make sure it is ".mp4" not ".m4v"
    Although technically, both are the same actually.
    Read about it here -->

    and as for another additional info,
    The M4V file format is a video file format developed by Apple and is very close to the MP4 format. The differences are the optional Apple's DRM copy protection, and the treatment of AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio which is not standardized for the MP4 container.(courtesy of wikipedia)
    Spoiler :  

    Do it either manually or go to tools --> options ---> output ---> change to always mp4

    Spoiler :  

    10. Now click "Add to queue" and click "Start" to start encoding with your setting. You can see your queue by clicking "Show queue".

    You can queue multiple video by repeating the same step before pressing "Start". I hope that resolve issue about "HB can't do multiple queue of video".

    If you want to see the preview of your setting before you actually encode the real one, click "Preview".
    Choose at which part you want to see, and how many seconds you want the preview to be.
    Be sure to tick, "use system default player", otherwise it will direct you to VLC player, and if you don't have VLC, error will pop out.

    It will encode your preview with the setting you have set.

    and i will say this again, quoting from my Cyko tutorial,
    If possible in the end of the encoding, your file size SHOULD be below 100MB for 30 minutes video, if you intend to upload it in OS. If it is over 100MB, encode again. It will take a lot of time just to buffer the 100MB wary of someone with slow internet.
    With that, the HB tutorial is finish. Any further questions, feel free to ask. I will try my best to help if and only if you have read everything and has tried to do it by yourself first.

    I won't answer questions that are not related to handbrake or encoding.
    I won't answer stupid questions.
    I won't answer questions that already have the answer in this wall of text i wrote.

    I missed some important point?
    I messed up somewhere?
    Please do tell me. Your help will be much appreciated.
    Please click "Thanks" if you see this post is useful to you. Thank you.

    "My only aim is to offer clearest quality possible at lowest filesize.-FiQiZ-"
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    Time to teach you guys another encoding method today~
    Introducing...the encoder that i named it "Bencos Brother"...


    a batch video encoder for mini-size anime encoding powered by Handbrake,
    inspired by BENCOS, Real Anime 6 and Minicoder.
    This program can encodes video to small sizes very easily.

    This encoder can encode any type of video from avi,flv and etc to 2 types of container, mp4 and mkv,
    and also can directly encode mkv to mp4.

    I'm confident to say, you will understand the functionality of this program in 1-DAY~
    That is how easy it is.

    and since the other site has already provide in-depth tutorial and guides on how to do it..
    this is just simply an act of sharing of this versatile encoder.
    (I might make a simpler tutorial one when i got time for it)

    The Program

    Latest Handbrake CLI
    Handbrake CLI

    Installation Guide
    How to Install

    Simple Guide on How to Use Cyko
    Simple Guide

    Deep Guide on How to Use Cyko
    In-Depth Guide

    FiQiZ Tutorial

    As I mention before, I might put up a simpler tutorial, and so here goes.
    First of all, this is my version of cyko with the latest CLI from nightly build.

    Use the link above to get the stuff.

    Put both cyko and all Handbrake CLI stuff into one folder to get it running.

    Moving on~

    This is the interface you will get once you run the program. Pretty simple right?

    1. In the “Inputs” tab,

    Click “Add Source Files” to add video or just drag your video and drop it. You can do batch also. Just keep adding video source.

    I will be using my Moyashimon BD version as an example.

    Be sure to change your output location, otherwise your encoded video will be in the same folder as the cyko folder.

    2. Now in click the “Option” tab.

    This is the most important part in cyko.

    Usually by hovering to the box -->

    Explanation will be given in a pop up window. Therefore I won’t bother explain about into much detail. Furthermore, if you have read the handbrake guide above, you will immediately understand it.

    Rate Control

    Choose either to use Target Quality,TQ (CRF method) or Target Bitrate,TB which suited your preference.

    If you choose TQ, 23 is already a good value, but if you want it somewhat in good quality for streaming, 21 is your best bet. (Notice that it is similar to constant bitrate method in HB guide?)

    If you choose TB, use a range of 300 - 600. If it were me, I usually use 400, which is in the middle thus providing an SD quality at best. You can try experiencing yourself with other value if you want.

    If possible in the end of the encoding, your file size SHOULD be below 100MB for 30 minutes video, if you intend to upload it in OS. If it is over 100MB, encode again. It will take a lot of time just to buffer the 100MB wary of someone with slow internet.


    Remember this?

    1280x720, 1024x576, 848x480, 700x400, 640x360, 512x288

    The first value is Width and the second value is Height. Don’t get it confuse.

    Downscaling the video is always a good practice when encoding.

    You can choose between “Height” and “Width”. I recommend you all to use “Height”
    Input the height size you want.

    Audio Bitrate

    This encoder use vorbis (aoTuV) as the audio encoder.

    Thus, 48 is already a good value.
    The range is 48 -64.

    Do not worry, if you tick the “Hard Subs”, it will automatically use AAC codec.

    3. Now tick the “Hard Subs” to make it into mp4. If you don’t tick it, your outcome will be mkv.

    4. Now for the 3 belows, you don’t have to change it. The default is already good.
    But for me, I change the presets to “Medium”.

    5. After you have done all that, click “Scan Audio Tracks….”

    Then, it will bring you to the output tab..automatically.

    6. Click “Encode” to start encode. Other option is self-explanatory.

    Now to proof that it will work in OS, this is the outcome for the output of my moyashimon video through cyko.

    Courtesy from asaness, my sensei.
    Quote Originally Posted by asaness01234 View Post
    Compatible for flash video? Sample check:

    Spoiler :  

    Well that's it for Cyko tutorial. Pretty simple.
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