Crisis Kin: The World in the Seraph's Eyes
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    Default Crisis Kin: The World in the Seraph's Eyes

    Reviews and Comments Thread: Click

    I'm not much of a writer but this story has been sticking with me since highschool and its been collecting more and more ideas as time passes. So, I hope you enjoy.

    Halo: A target shaped city in which the story takes place in. Divided into four layers called Sections. Built on top of a giant artificial hole.

    Sections: The division of the city of Halo. Split into four parts: Slums, Resident, Study, and Core.

    Kin: The military base of operations for Halo. Built underneath the city, sometimes called the fifth layer.
    CHAPTER ZERO - Enter Seraph

    As a small baby cries in the darkness of night, a woman sings for the child with a soft voice; a simple tune that softly calms the baby's cry stay's aloft upon the stagnant air.

    "Child. Why dost you crieth?" A woman spoke softly to the small baby boy, wrapped in a small warm cloth, in her fragile arms. "Dost thou not knowth.. you are secured by angels?" The woman's face was hidden due to the dimness of light from the moon and the shadow created from her hood. Her long black hair swayed with the wind as she held the baby tightly. "Child. I love you so much." She whispered as she continued to coo the baby. "But I cannot be with you now." Small tear drops fell on the baby's face. Slowly, the baby looked at the hidden face of the mother, and reached out his hands. "Oh. Child!" She sobbed softly as she tried to swallow her sorrow. The baby, still reaching, touched the mother's chin, as if he were to wipe the tears away. "Ma.... Ma..." He reached out further until he saw his mother's cold blue eyes.


    Seraph opened his eyes as he awoke from a dream. His hands were extended up towards the ceiling. Another dream. Why do I remember something like this? He thought to himself as he got up from the bed he was sleeping on. He felt something warm on his cheeks. Tears..? He felt a bit lost. "Why do these dreams keep coming up?" He whispered quietly to himself. "What dream?" A voice from behind surprised him. Seraph turned around to see a young girl holding a clipboard with a medic uniform standing at the threshold of the room. She was short for her age but she was slender and beautiful. Her pink hair was tied into two short pigtails downward as her medic's cap sat upon her head. "Oh. It's you, May." He looked at her for a brief second and turned away. May pouted as she made her way to Seraph. "Nothing else?" She asked. Seraph sighed and got up, overshadowing her. May looked at Seraph's face and quickly averted eye contact. "Nope." He said. He walked towards the bathroom as he took off his shirt, showing his muscular and scarred back. May couldn't stop from looking at him but it wasn't the muscles that drew her attention but the stories the scars had to tell. "Hey Seraph." She called out. Seraph, one step away from entering the bathroom, answered without turning his head. "What is it?"
    "Your back."
    "What about it."
    "Does it hurt?"
    Seraph was confused about this question but before he could answer her question, he felt two small arms around his stomach. Seraph didn't move and May just held him from behind. "We've been together since the orphanage. Why don't you talk to me anymore?" She asked softly as she rested her head on his back. "I feel like you're slowly distancing yourself." Seraph put his hands hers and gently pulled them apart. He turned around and removed the cap on her head. Seraph put his palm on her head and rubbed softly. "I'm sorry May." His emerald green eyes seemed to glow as he smiled. "I made you worry again." May was taken aback and felt her face grow hot. She flicked his hand away and turned around. "W-well. Okay! I forgive you. J-j-just... go to the bathroom! We have a meeting!" She quickly grabbed her cap and ran out slamming the door. Have I been acting strange? After a few moments, the door opened once more. A slim man with an arrogant face with a similar uniform that of Seraph was inside. "So, loner. What'chu do to May this time?" His voice was a tone of annoyance to Seraph. "She's been running like the devil." Seraph ignored him and simply went to his closet and took out his own uniform and began to wear it. "So, then mister troublesome. Yous gonna fight with the instructor and lose again?" The male sneered while leaning on the wall. "C'mon soldier. Where's your answer?" He began to laugh a bit. Seraph just kept buttoning his top. The male was starting to get annoyed of Seraph's lack of response. "Hey. Yous deaf?" Seraph turned around, but didn't acknowledge the man's existence. Seraph went to a small mini drawer that was near his bed and grabbed a green shield style visor. Before he could wear them, the man knocked it out of his hands. As it fell on the floor, the man began to speak harshly. "I said. Are yous deaf." Seraph paused while he looked at his fallen visor. After a small sigh, he picked them up and wore them. As Seraph stood up, the man grabbed his collar. "Hey maggot. I'm Ley Harkings. 2nd Platoon officer of the Silver Brigade. I'm your god damned superior. Who the hell do you think you are, ignoring me." Seraph, with one hand, lifted his visor up to his forehead and stared at Ley. His green eyes seemed to glow again as he grabbed Ley's wrist with the free hand. "W-what. H-hey!" Ley began to wince in pain as Seraph began to crush his wrist with a death grip. Ley's grip on Seraph's collar diminished and his hand began to tremble. "L-let go! I SAID LET GO!" Ley began to scream. Seraph did as he was told and Ley collapsed to the ground holding his almost-broken wrist. "Y-you." Seraph began to walk outside his dorm room. He stopped at the threshold and turned his head a bit.

    "I'm Seraph."


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