Driver's License?
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    I do have my driver's license and it was really nerve wrecking - I studied really hard both for written and practical exam.

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    ok, my experience is a bit funny (not really, but I found it ridiculous XD)

    so, after taking the class and passing the exam, you will get a momentary driving license, called "P". this 'P' license lasted for 2 years, after that you will have to renew to get a permanent driving license. so what happen is that, I've been driving with 'P' license for quite sometime.. and by the time I need to renew it, I kinda.. brush it off? like..i keep on postponing it until the time limit expired.
    sooo.. do you know what I have to do? i actually have to retake all the classes and the exam all over again T_T my gosh.. money wasted. and I was put under 'special' case XD since i know how to drive already, i actually drive to the class myself XD
    all the teachers there keep on teasing me for not renewing the license sooner. well i learn my lesson now

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