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    Review thread:

    Hello again this is my second title and as you know I'm putting on Hold my other story at the moment which is Coupe and will provide you with the prequel and backstory of Coupe to further understand it as it updates after this. Hope you enjoy this one.

    Coupe(Original Storyline and Sequel)


    Chapter 1 - 7th Knight

    Clashes of steel vibrate through the dark hollow room as a small ray of light illuminates a gloomy boy as he continues to temper a deformed alloy on top of a table. Suddenly the room lights up and voice came inside the room "Hey Cid its already lunchtime would you just mind getting out this room and eat? Thats why you wouln't even get fat" . The young man put out his gloves and placed his work into a different table. His dark long hair completely reflects the light making it metallic in color. "Ah, its you, has it really been that long?" said densely by the young man "We don't have much time left in our hands after all we really need this thing to be working if we are going to stop the two sides from clashing once more.". "I know, I know, its quite a weird thing that it will all happen here inside our university." as the guy peeks inside the room. Cid leaves out the room and into a dimly lit hallway as his friend waited for him with short spiky brown hair and donning a black long coat he hands over a similar coat to Cid.

    "Ugh I just wish I have mine as white wouldn't you mind having mine be made white Tiashe?" as he said it ranting while wearing it over his white long sleeve shirt. "Good grief we can't have that Cid thats the only thing that we have that makes us identifiable with the others as no one else can get these just from anywhere." Tiashe said as they walk through hallway until they reached a door with a mark of a deformed sickle. Tiashe walks over the door and puts his hand on it a whispers to door then the door mechanically opens as bright lights came out from the other side.

    The two walked to the pantry to get their food and sat in big table with people who are all wearing the same coat as the two. "Cid!!! Tiashe!!! Where have you two been!!!" a squeeky girly voice said as the girl approaches the two. "Oh Liina fancy meeting you here" Tiashe said in a sarcastically polite manner. "Anyways Cid! whats the status with the Reaven Relic you found?" as Liina suddenly slams Cid in the back while he busily chugs down the food. "Guuuuaaagggh--- that almost killed me Liina" Cid replies as he wipes of some of the food on his face. "Not much change has been to the relic any kind of conventional weapon casting isn't even working on it" Cid explains in a calm and serious tone.

    "This could be a problem for us Elegium and Nibelung would destroy the Earth as it is if they aren't stopped from clashing next month and with both of them wielding 3 Reaven Relics each the Light Relics are with Elegium and Dark Relics with Nibelung." Tiashe explaining the situation they are in right now to everyone. "Let me continue Tiashe" as Cid nods at him. "In the Reaven chronicle long ago there were 6 shrines enhousing 6 different knights each of these knights was wielder of a Reaven Relic and they were tasked to watch the balance of the world. Three relics of dark and three relics of light to make balance but in the end it didn't last. One of the three knights of the dark relic slew the other two taking along with him three dark relics. His name is Falz and he went to look for the other 3 relics" Tiashe stops for a bit to catch his breath and Cid steps up and said "I'll continue this one and I will elaborate more about what has been passed down to me" as he slowly stands up to talk.

    "The war between Falz and the Light Relic wielders became one-sided the Earth was slowly crumbling apart. The moment that one of the Light Relic wielder fell and Falz almost got the first Light Relic. The six Relics reacted to each other and summoned a 7th relic, an unknown relic that has never been laid eyes on but in a flash all that were left was Falz and the two remaining wielders, Pavel and Barbatos. Falz and Barbatos were consumed by greed that they wanted the 7th relic for their own desire even Pavel who was against Barabatos' idea opposed him but in the end he got his relic and got banished. After years the 7th relic appeared to Pavel asking him to protect it as there will more conflicts and there may come one day light and dark will clash again. Then we reach the present Pavel was my grandfather and he gave me this stone that was said have store the 7th relic in a ways to fight Elegium and Nibelung lead by Barbatos and Falz respectively and both of them still young due to the relics power. I ask of you would you lend me your strength to stop this conflict?" as Cid sternly looks at everyone present."You already have us to begin with aren't you our leader after all?" Tiashe smiles and stands up. "Expect us to be a lot of help right Io, Nagisa, Janus, and everyone?" Liina calls out to everyone with a lot of energy. Io wearing a black one piece dress and blue blazer along with smaller black coat made for girls, Nagisa having an eyepatch at one eye, wearing a white inner coat and the black coat with ang blue corsair and Janus wearing shirt with one side sleeveless and the other with a long sleeve then a sleeveless black coat with hoodie. The three of them along with the others nod along as they acknowledged their mission. "We are Coup, not just any Coup but Coup Zehel for Army of Sickles. I am not just the 7th Knight of the Reaven Relic everyone is the 7th Knight in this army" as Cid steps out of the room and into his quarters. The relic he left behind was already glowing and turned into a small dagger and disappeared in the air.
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