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The Life of a Wandering College Student (Part 6)

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It seems to be that time again, so here I go.

So, I had to take little Peanut back to the vet because she was getting better and then we had a relapse. I took a picture of the problem area too, which turned out to be a good idea. So, instead of looking at a urinary tract infection, the vet thinks she has proctitis. Hoepefully, this time we can get things cleared up. She also now has two cuts on either side of her little nose. It must've happened during one of the fights she had with the other cat. Idk. I don't think my roommate's cat is trying to hurt mine, I think she's just trying to play, but she has claws and mine doesn't (at least not in the front) and my cat doesn't seem to really like the other one all that much. I really hope they will start getting along soon. Toshi's doing great. he is now in a full tank of water since he's had time to de-stress. He's not really hard to please, so at least that's good.

Well, I officially don't like my Intro to Lit teacher and have recently come to the conclusion that she is lacking in some areas of her subject. Now, you might be thinking that I'm the student and she's the teacher so she must know what she's talking about. However, without wishing to sound completely conceded, I know for a fact that she does not know what she is talking about in these areas. How? Easy, I was an English tutor at my first college for two years, that's six semesters (I tutored during the summer semesters too) and in order to do that, I had to know what I was talking about. But anyway, you guys don't want to listen to me complain (if anyone is actually reading these, that is). Other than this, school's been going pretty well.

Work has been going alright. Haven't been able to pick up any more hours, but yeah. Today, I was asked to cover cash registers in other departments, which was nice. Hopefully, this will continue and I can start getting cross trained. That would be cool.

On a more me note, my roommate has been a bit under the weather. We've been trying to beat whatever it is so that it doesn't have the chance to spread or make her feel worse. Unfortunately, I think I may have been infected. We'll see though. I've also been having problems with my tendonitis flaring up. This makes work hard since I have to wrap it up and don't have my full range of motion. However, it doesn't slow me down much. It's just a pain in the...well, the wrist. LOL.

Also, had a pretty rough week not that far back. It started with a sub in my Mythology class one Monday evening. She was an English teacher and she assigned us an English paper for homework. Then, I got home to find that my car was dead (I walk to class). Took it to get tested and the Auto Zone said the battery was fine and that it could be the starter. So then I took it to the dealership (it's still under warranty) and set up an appointment. then had a really off day at work because I was so worried about what was wrong with my car. Turns out it was the battery. So I got that replaced. Then, that same evening, that same sub was in my Mythology class again and assigned us another English paper for homework, except this one was impossible to do. She wanted us to watch a documentary about finding archeological evidence of vikings in North America and compare the culture in the documentary to our readings. Well, there really wasn't any culture in the documentary and nothing to compare to the readings. Sooooo....I didn't write that paper. Mostly, the week was filled with minor irritations that were made bigger by the issue with my car.

So, on top of all of this, I have another issue that I've been dealing with. There's this guy (yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking) that I met at work and we sometimes see each other at school. Anyway, we started talking and I think he's kind of cool. Except for one little problem, I'm pretty sure he likes me more than I like him. He keeps asking me out to coffee and now he wants me to go get sushi with him across the border and everything just makes is seem like he wants to be more than friends. I'm too nice of a person to tell him straight to his face that I'm not interested in anything more than friends's becoming a bit of an issue. I really hate when guys decide that they want something more. I really don't know how to handle it well or at all. I'm just not the dating type of girl. So, I've got to figure out what to do about that... *sigh* Why do guys complicate things so?

Anyway, I think that's all I have this time. Peace.

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