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I'm slowly losing my mind.

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This was happened last night, Leah (my friend) invited me out to drink and I easily agreed knowing I might see Faith (my fantasy) again. Her friends started to came so I'm confused as hell because I haven't met their friends after all.. Our night started with a cheers! In the Table Leah sitting beside me and Faith in my front, while others are busy on their long and most awaited chit-chatting, I looked Faith intimately and noticed she was looking at me too, she's making some gestures like pouting her lips, making her eyes twinkled at me twice, while looking at me which I think she's just teasing me and for me it cause my heart skip a beat. We decided to call it a night and went home. Leah invited me again to sleep over in her house which Faith decided to sleep there too, We walked towards to their friends car( the one decided to drop in our destination), while walking I have my eyes close as if I'm doing some sleep walking, Faith offered her shoulder and I just grabbed it and she grabbed my waist too! phew~ in the car, Leah and Faith sitted in the back while me at the drivers side, on our way to Leah's house I noticed Leah and Faith were tickling each other and after they finished what they're doing suddenly I felt warm hands wrapped around my cheeks, as I looked back I was shock to see Faith done that to me! The moment she was releasing her hands, I couldn't stopped myself and said wait please as I moved her hands towards to my cheeks again. We are on Leah's house which is a 5 story bldg. The guest room located at the top, with a prepared mattress and pillow I fell asleep quickly. At 4am I suddenly waked up and noticed that I slept on the floor with a mattress and there was a bed beside me. I as position myself into sitting I saw Faith, sleeping in the bed. I'm very sluggish and not-oriented at that time so I lay down my head to the bed and planning to go back to sleep. I heard Faith's voice said that I can sleep beside her in the bed. *blushing* I transfered myself to the bed while looking into Faith's face.. she's like an angel while sleeping, I slowly brushed my hands on her face and recognized that she's so beautiful.. and then she looked in the walls! As I teased her and placed my hands to her back to looked at me again she quickly refused and she told me that I am annoying her while sleeping! I repeated same words again and again while she's asleep, She suddenly changed into sitting position and said.. ''oh'' with her annoyed face. I told her to go back to sleep and said sorry for bothering her. As I went back to my original place , I just saying randomnly things that I think its like confessing my true feelings for her. I decided to go home, placing my hands in her back and kissed her backhead as I made my goodbye to her..

I told Leah almost everything and seeking for an apology. I told her that I teased Faith but I couldn't told her the actions i've made. I disappointed Leah because she's our common friend. right now Leah's avoiding me.

shall I contact Faith or let this situation just passed by..
note: I can't make a contact with Faith without Leah, I don't knew her number or even we weren't friends in FB. :( :(

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  1. Qualtz's Avatar
    You might as well. At least then, you've tried even if the outcome isn't what you were hoping for.
  2. reese109's Avatar
    yup, I decided to stay away from them.. so that I can continue living and know my worth.