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I decided i would start a blog about the book i'm currently writing and ideas i have and how i'm progressing.

The basic idea for the book is that this kid was born into a sadistic cult and the story spans his life. The main idea is his struggle for sanity as he grows up and tries to figure out what he really wants while the demons of his past keep haunting him.

Right now i have mostly been focusing on how the first chapter is going to play out. I have ideas for the rest of the book, but i tend to come up with better ideas as i write so im focusing on chapter one.

So far i have about six pages done and im really happy with how its looking so far. The whole first chapter is going to be before the main character is born. It includes how the cult thinks, how he was concieved and a bunch of other things to provide clarity, but i dont think i have flodded it. I think it flows pretty nicely so far.

Im going to start writing again in a few days (this is a side project im doing for fun so i cant focus completely on it. btu it is something important to me). After i write the next portion ill post again.