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Lucky Star

Nisekoi Best Girl???

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Who is the "Best Girl"?
This is a question you see a lot.
But the answer plain to see!
It can only Be her!
Here look at these Pictures

I rest my case, Sorry other Girls. But She is The clear winner


  1. xuei0000's Avatar
    I really love Chitoge from the moment I saw her. But the manga is just ruining it for me because of its fillers. *sigh* I wonder if you read the manga Lucky? If you haven't then you would really be pissed off with the latest chapters. That is if you are really in team Chitoge. Everytime I read the latest chapter, my head is just boiling with annoyance that I really wanted to murder the mangaka. Grrr! But then most guys love fan service and harem so... Hmpf!
  2. Qualtz's Avatar
    Though if we do say we watch an anime not because of fanservice and harem but because of the story, you probably wouldn't believe us~
  3. xuei0000's Avatar
    Ok, I'll add you to the minority and I know a few of you but I see most are. Those who love the genres of ecchi and harem. O_O
  4. Kathleen Senpai's Avatar
    I was on team Chitoge from the start~

    I would understand why others pick Onodera or the other girls rather than her. Onedera is probably the ideal girl in this series but I find that way too boring. So yeah, Chitoge is the Best Girl for me :3
  5. barst850's Avatar