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Aspect Ratio Calculator [ARC] Updated.

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Aspect Ratio Calculator [ARC]

Calculate "Aspect Ratio" offline..

What if you are in a situation like you are in a place where there's no internet connection to visit online aspect ratio calculator, ,, well you can always calculate aspect ratio Manually but there's an disadvantage to that.. what if you need to calculate the aspect ratio of "Images/Videos" to re-size them? and there's a lot to calculate? see even the calculation is so simple if you have more than enough to calculate manually, for sure you will lose too much of your time just to get the result.

I create this simple program to avoid that situation :).. I think this program would be helpful for "UPLOADERS" here.. don't worry it's very user-friendly and accurate. You can compare the results from this program to the results from your trusted aspect ratio calculator to see for your self.

here's the screenshot:
Spoiler :  

Download: ARCv1.rar

If you encounter some bug or the link is dead, please do send me a private message so I can fix it right away.. hope this program can help you..