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Banana Cake, Sushi, and .... massages?!!

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Today proved to be a very interesting but greatly awkward day.

My goal was simple:

A.) Get ingredients for a banana cake.
B.) Get sushi.
C.) Eat.

Accomplishing goal A was a piece of cake (see what I did there? :D). The problem started when I went to go get sushi.

Being new to a certain area in Fort Worth, I was unfamiliar with shops. I walked into a seemingly beautiful atmosphere with a lady sitting at the entrance. She greeted me with a smile. So I'm like: "Good afternoon, miss. May I see the menu?" To that, the young lady replied: "We do not have a menu, I'm afraid."

So I was like "Oh, that's different. How does the serving process work?" And she was like: "We give excellent hospitality & foot massages."


So I'm like... "Foot massages?! I just want to order sushi! Haha!" And she asked: "Sushi? This is a foot massage spa, sir." And I'm like: "Haha? What??" So I peeked outside the window. And lo & behold, a big neon-lighted foot was shining in the window. I then realized that I went into the wrong door, as the sushi restaurant door & foot massage shop door were close together.


One of my more embarrassing days. >.<

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  1. ChumChumee's Avatar
    hhahaha Bwuccyy I think you might need to buy glasses dear xD
  2. 1stKaiser's Avatar
    I-I do not! I..hope I don't D:
  3. ChumChumee's Avatar
    then explain me why you didn't see the foot sign ;P
  4. Ceres's Avatar
    This made me laugh. Thank you for that :D You left out the most crucial part, though: did the foot massage happen or not?
  5. 1stKaiser's Avatar
    Ceres, I'll VM you your response. c:

    And Lishy, I don't know... I didn't see it...! n_n