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To the 11 people who greeted me on my birthday

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful greets! I'm sorry it took 2 weeks for me to log on to OS after my birthday.. It had been a busy 2-week pursuit of finding a job for me.. .. and so I totally overlooked logging on to OS.. Sorry..

I didn't really expect people to greet me on here and I must say I was really surprised. In fact few people sent me a text message on my birthday so I thought nobody remembered. =.= but it turned out that all of the greetings and messages for my birthday were all sent online - on Facebook and Otaku-Streamers.

To persephone, Anas, Katie, Bunislipper, maryjoy, Max Magnus, Major Zero, nataku411, Sora Kasugano, reese109 and MishyCandy

Thank you guys for your thoughtfulness and cute gifs. LOL


  1. Shinda's Avatar
  2. evil105's Avatar
    baka you could've replied to them not made it feel like you ignored them XP

    hope you enjoyed your birthday baka ice-cream
  3. Aisuu's Avatar
    @Shinda thanks anyway for the greeting, I appreciate it. XD

    @evil105 LOL I was too lazy to reply individually when I wrote this blog XD but yeah I think I'll still reply to them. :) Yes I did enjoy my birthday baka Anas-kun. :)
  4. binchotan's Avatar
    Belated happy birthday. :) I rarely login here so I was not able to greet those who are celebrating their birthdays! :)
  5. Monkill's Avatar
    OS sure is a big family ^_^
  6. Aisuu's Avatar
    @Monkill : It sure is! :)