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Daily Redundance of the Day.

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It is 3 minutes from the 19th of June, as of the writing of this sentence.

My shirt stinks.

Sometimes, I feel like the world on the other side of the fence, or the other side of the window, isn't real. As if the only real world is the one on my side. I could explain that by thinking that I can't go there, so I don't need to think it's real. But it's an awkward feeling since I know it's not true. Perhaps too much video games.

School's over, last exam has been written. Got another year after this but have all summer to summer it up.

Kinda tired, gotta get some rest. Weird, not usually tired at this time. Perhaps it was all the walking done today.

Watched a movie for free, won a contest you see.

Nothing much to say anymore, ever ._. Jus' checkin' in.

Any questions?
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  1. Nyamh's Avatar
    I understand the world on the other side of the fence/window sentiment. It'd be nice, wouldn't it? To know everything we need to know, already? Though, I guess that'd take the adventure out of it.

    It was a big smack in the face when I landed in Afghanistan and realized a whole new reality.

    Thanks for this post. It had Paper style and was enjoyable to read.