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Worst 15 Minutes Ever!!!

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Yesterday was the first time I left my flat for the year. See, I didn't really have a choice, I had to get cat chow and there's a mini mart about one hundred meters (100m) from where I live that sells the chow. I actually had to prep myself for this journey which took a while but at the end I had a bit of help, plus the cats were starving.
As I entered into the sunlight I immediately started sweating and once I passed the front gate I was aware of how warm the air was, which then quickly became so oppressive the I was finding it hard to breathe but I continued (all for the cats). My hundred meters journey wasn't a simple one. I soon started feeling a bit dizzy which forced me to slow down making my already long journey even longer (ahahahaaa).
So, I finally get to the shop where I then had to endure the chatter of the kindly old man who owns the mini mart, "I thought you moved girl" or the workers, "we slow down every time we pass by your house to make sure we don't smell a dead body" URGH!!!! So I grab a bag of chow and ready myself to pay for the item and leave but what I didn't anticipate, was the line @[email protected] that's when I could feel the movements in my tummy. I looked at the doorway feeling a desperation like nothing else.
As I left the dreaded mini mart, the urgent need to get home flooded me till I could hardly even walk but found my self almost at a trot. As I stepped inside my flat, relief wasn't the only thing that flooded me as I ran to the bathroom.
The entire journey must have taken about 15minutes maybe less but it was the longest, worst 15 minutes ever!!!!
Someone told me don't let the fear hold you back but do the opposite and rush into it, pfft, reminded me of the time I stood on the side walk in Cambodia and shoved an assortment of bugs into my mouth. ahahahahahahaaaaaaaa


  1. musikalles's Avatar
    Ah man, oh man oh man... All I can say is, I hope you got a lasting supply of cat chow!
  2. Paperroses's Avatar
    Sounds exciting =D
  3. Hotaru's Avatar
    well i usually have my neighbour or aunt get my stuff for me but this time I had to get it myself. @Paperroses yes, it was extremely exciting o.o
  4. morielbangis's Avatar
    those workers sure know how to troll. hahahaha
  5. Hotaru's Avatar
    ahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yea